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Trump confesses to shooting James Comey! -Al Jazeera

There are lies, damn lies…and the mainstream media. But sometimes “fake news” is just bad translation. In a recent tweet, Trump used the phrase “after I fired James Comey.” Al-Jazeera’s Arabic translation was: “After I opened fire on James Comey.” Wow! Trump just confessed to unleashing a hail of bullets at the former FBI Director! If they don’t impeach him now, I guess they never will.


Holocaust of Lies: Mainstream media sends truth to the gas chambers

  They’ve done it again. The mainstream US media has once again mistranslated an Iranian president’s words. Last time, they were lying to make the former President of Iran sound anti-West and anti-Israel. Now they are lying to make the new President of Iran sound pro-West and pro-Israel. I suppose that is an improvement. Lying for peace is at least marginally better than lying for war. But for those who care about truth, the Western mainstream media’s non-stop lies are nothing short of an ongoing holocaust…Read the full article at Press TV: Holocaust of Lies: Mainstream media sends truth to…