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Two hard-hitting truth-seekers: Brendon O’Connell and Robert David Steele

Listen to this show HERE Could Trump transform himself from “doomed buffoon” to the greatest president America ever had?   Message to tweet to @realDonaldTrump between 6-11 am and 6-11 pm: “Give Robert Steele 3 minutes. This show broadcasts LIVE 8 to 10 pm Eastern Friday, January 19th at  Revolution.Radio – click on Studio A – then gets archived within 24 hours. First hour: Brendon O’Connell is out of the New Zealand immigration prison where he languished as a criminally-mistreated political-asylum-seeker. But he still has legal issues in Australia, and his lawyer doesn’t seem to be working on them. (If you can’t trust lawyers, who…


Brendon O’Connell on Israeli Talpiot program and 9/11 – and much more

This show broadcasts LIVE 8 to 10 pm Eastern Friday, June 16th at – click on Studio B – then gets archived about 24 hours later.  For only $4 a month you can listen to shows on-demand before they are broadcast – and also get free downloads. Help Kevin keep these shows on the air – Click HERE!   Australian activist Brendon O’Connell was arrested and jailed in 2009, and imprisoned until 2014 for supposedly making “anti-Semitic” statements in a public confrontation with a Zionist.  Physically abused in prison – at one point his arm was broken – Brendon has not curtailed his hard-hitting commentary and is currently living in…