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Two hard-hitting truth-seekers: Brendon O’Connell and Robert David Steele

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Could Trump transform himself from “doomed buffoon” to the greatest president America ever had?  

Message to tweet to @realDonaldTrump between 6-11 am and 6-11 pm:

“Give Robert Steele 3 minutes.

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First hour: Brendon O’Connell is out of the New Zealand immigration prison where he languished as a criminally-mistreated political-asylum-seeker. But he still has legal issues in Australia, and his lawyer doesn’t seem to be working on them. (If you can’t trust lawyers, who can you trust?) He also has plans for a conference in Malaysia examining Israel’s Talpiot program.

Second hour: Robert David Steele recently published a review of Wolfe’s Fire and Fury (and two other books assessing Trump’s presidency-in-progress). Steele on Wolfe: “My gut feeling as a professional intelligence and counterintelligence officer is that this book is one third revelatory insight; one third mis-representative gossip drama; and one third outright lies.”  Steele defends Trump’s intelligence and competence—and for evidence, he cites one book by Newt Gingrich, and another by right-wing-idiot political flacks Lewandowski and Bossie. (The former is a shill for the coroporatocracy crooks at “Americans for Prosperity,” while the latter is a former President of the even more corrupt Citizens United — prime destroyers of what little was left of American democracy.) Bossie also contributes to Fox News, and served as Trump’s Deputy Campaign Manager and Deputy Executive Transition Director.  Seriously, Robert? You believe the Trump puffery coming from sources like that?!

And in case you think I have nothing good to say about Trump, check out:

In which I try to say something nice about our beloved President Trump and compare him to Muhammad Ali

How can a reader like Robert David Steele, who reviews books as prolifically as Trump tweets, not see that Trump is effectively non-literate, emotionally unstable, wildly narcissistic, egomaniacal, ADD-addled, corrupt-to-the-core, a lifelong Kosher Nostra frontman “made” by Roy Cohn, and so on? Listen and find out.

PS Whatever you may think about Trump, there’s no question that Robert David Steele’s UNRIG plan is the reform package America needs.

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One Thought to “Two hard-hitting truth-seekers: Brendon O’Connell and Robert David Steele”

  1. John

    Robert Steele claims to be allied with long-time political operative Roger Stone, and a man is known by the company he keeps. See this writeup on Stone, Trump, and Roy Cohn:

    “Both Stone and Trump are proud to name mobbed-up McCarthyite lawyer Roy Cohn as their mentor. Cohn, who died of AIDS in 1986, was part of a New York pedophile-blackmail network…[and] a retired New York Police Detective [Jim Rothstein] claims that Stone was part of this network… Stone is likely to have participated in the blackmail ring at New York’s Plaza Hotel ‘blue suite’… Trump eventually became owner of the hotel in 1988, two years after Cohn died of AIDS.”

    Source: fitzinfo (wordpress blog), 2017-02-15 article on Roger Stone

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