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Two hard-hitting truth-seekers: Brendon O’Connell and Robert David Steele

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Could Trump transform himself from “doomed buffoon” to the greatest president America ever had?  

Message to tweet to @realDonaldTrump between 6-11 am and 6-11 pm:

“Give Robert Steele 3 minutes.

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First hour: Brendon O’Connell is out of the New Zealand immigration prison where he languished as a criminally-mistreated political-asylum-seeker. But he still has legal issues in Australia, and his lawyer doesn’t seem to be working on them. (If you can’t trust lawyers, who can you trust?) He also has plans for a conference in Malaysia examining Israel’s Talpiot program.

Second hour: Robert David Steele recently published a review of Wolfe’s Fire and Fury (and two other books assessing Trump’s presidency-in-progress). Steele on Wolfe: “My gut feeling as a professional intelligence and counterintelligence officer is that this book is one third revelatory insight; one third mis-representative gossip drama; and one third outright lies.”  Steele defends Trump’s intelligence and competence—and for evidence, he cites one book by Newt Gingrich, and another by right-wing-idiot political flacks Lewandowski and Bossie. (The former is a shill for the coroporatocracy crooks at “Americans for Prosperity,” while the latter is a former President of the even more corrupt Citizens United — prime destroyers of what little was left of American democracy.) Bossie also contributes to Fox News, and served as Trump’s Deputy Campaign Manager and Deputy Executive Transition Director.  Seriously, Robert? You believe the Trump puffery coming from sources like that?!

And in case you think I have nothing good to say about Trump, check out:

In which I try to say something nice about our beloved President Trump and compare him to Muhammad Ali

How can a reader like Robert David Steele, who reviews books as prolifically as Trump tweets, not see that Trump is effectively non-literate, emotionally unstable, wildly narcissistic, egomaniacal, ADD-addled, corrupt-to-the-core, a lifelong Kosher Nostra frontman “made” by Roy Cohn, and so on? Listen and find out.

PS Whatever you may think about Trump, there’s no question that Robert David Steele’s UNRIG plan is the reform package America needs.

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2 Thoughts to “Two hard-hitting truth-seekers: Brendon O’Connell and Robert David Steele”

  1. John

    Robert Steele claims to be allied with long-time political operative Roger Stone, and a man is known by the company he keeps. See this writeup on Stone, Trump, and Roy Cohn:

    “Both Stone and Trump are proud to name mobbed-up McCarthyite lawyer Roy Cohn as their mentor. Cohn, who died of AIDS in 1986, was part of a New York pedophile-blackmail network…[and] a retired New York Police Detective [Jim Rothstein] claims that Stone was part of this network… Stone is likely to have participated in the blackmail ring at New York’s Plaza Hotel ‘blue suite’… Trump eventually became owner of the hotel in 1988, two years after Cohn died of AIDS.”

    Source: fitzinfo (wordpress blog), 2017-02-15 article on Roger Stone

  2. alan mass


    The man is a mad conman.   A crazy lunatic possibly escaped from an asylum in Australia.   He displays the usual symptoms of personality disorder, with mood swings, megalomania, he is a pathological liar, has had, and probably still has, a drug addition (just ask around Perth), and is obviously a drunk alcoholic with recorded violent episodes. That is why he is on the Net obsessed with his own ego. ” I am very f***** smart” he says. He cannot cope with his peers and cannot work under any supervision or in a team, hence him not being able to get a job anywhere. He does NOT have a degree (checked twice) and he is NOT a registered nurse, as he claims, anywhere in Australia (apparently he attended a few months of the course and then dropped out on his first year! ) .. that is another fabrication of our O’conman who finds gratification in creating a reality in which he is someone he wishes to be, getting away with it because nobody on the Net would bother going physically through a serious investigation of his claims. He talks about things he has no real knwoledge of – i.e. he claims he has read the Talmud, Torah and Tanakh and states that the latter is somehow nothing like the formers, not even knowing what they actually are, all basically the same thing, being the latter just an ad hoc selection of writings taken from the Torah, Navi’im, Ketuvim, and the Talmud a commentary, distorted and biased, of them – and discusses topics that are way out of his league and comprehension (hence him making stuff up and using his paranoia to cope with his lack of factual data, experience in those fields, iow, knowledge).
    All he did in his life, what gave him status on the Net, was slapping a loser in the face on camera. The stupid dude turned out to be a well connected young jew (which begs the question.. was all pre-arranged?.. who knows) who had him then convicted – and I m not saying that using the judicial that way is a good thing – the biased, and surely corrupt judge weighed the final sentence based on his previous ‘encounters’ with the Australian law in his country (he has a juvi record and a series of offences that he wanted and did try to expunge, .. just ask his family and former friends in WA) and not on the ‘intent’ as he now says. When in jail he overheard stuff from some inmates and he is now trying to capitalize on the rumours he heard, and created a persona that has become a ‘hero survivor’ of the fight against.. we do not really know what and whom actually.
    Today is the jews, then just Israel, then just some sects of Judaism and Israhel, tomorrow is his next door neighbor, the day after the Russians, the bikies, then the Christians, then the Muslims, Iranians.. one day he wakes up with a different mood and guess what? … you are looking funny at him.. and he is feeling ‘creative’ about it.  And now he has finally become a US freedom fighter – forgetting he is an Australian cit though – who has taken up – when promised asylum and citizenship of course – the struggle against the powers, foreign and domestic, who are trying to take away the ‘freedoms’ granted by the constitution to .. the Americans. (!?!)

    It is all on record easy to look at in his very own videos – he is now back on the J-tube of course.. as many have guessed leaving was all a farce.. as always, a conman – which, when randomly regained some reason and some grasp of reality, he cleverly deletes.
    One day he is preaching against violence and racial hatred, claiming to be a pacifist who only wants to live in peace with everyone, that judges people based on their heart and not on the ‘colour of their skin’ (red, blue, green.. it is all the same , he says), and then the next day here he is asking in a country that has had and seen more bloodshed than any other on the planet (independece war, revol. war, civil war..and the WWI, II, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, ..) and needs no more, for a military coup by his new found hero – his new money backers told him he is – Gen. Mattis, inciting him to, and I quote, ‘start bashing heads in’ (and I am sure that now that I wrote so he would say that he meant it figuratively?.. sure he did.. a military leader that commands an army who bashes heads in metaphorically.. uh?!).
    Since he now has a beef against someone in the fake white nationalist org. he trashes ‘white nationalists’ and ‘the Racists’ altogether, probably because they didn’t pay him enough, blubbering about himself being a two part aborigeni and one part Irish catholic. .. And ‘they’ are the racists??!!??? His mother, or grandmother (yesterday it was his grandfather..) or whatever – he says in his uncanny and uncalled autobiography – was a mechanic working on planes (in the 40ies?!!? .. ch’chiinn $$, Ch’chiin $$ from the feminist-LGBT Judeo-Russian-money-made cartel); his father, grandfather or whatever, he says was one of 15 children and was ‘abused’ by the evil catholic priests and nuns in Australia! Proofs? C’mon, he’s Oconman and does not need proofs of what he says. He never LIES!  ..right?
    Yet I was raised a catholic in Italy by catholic nuns and priests and somehow got spared. I was NEVER abused, in any sort of shape or form, beat up, touched inappropriately or even yelled at by anyone wearing a ‘tunica’. Ever. That happened when in public school under the ‘supervision’ of secularist teachers, most of whom later in life I found out either to be crypo, 3rd gen.marrano, or communists, or both. My father, one of five orphans, was raised in a catholic convent/orphanage, and even though he says that nuns were pretty scary (in the 50ies, after WWII and the misery that jews and their allies, Brits, Americans, Russians, with the echelon of the nazis and the fascists as well brought to the country) and were hard on the trouble makers, he never got ‘the routine’ that apparently, according to Brendon OConman and a very old renouned Judeo false rhetoric and counter propaganda, is something unavoidable within Roman Catholics.
    But “that shill p** of s*** of Christopher J.Bjerknes” he just said the other day, ” and his ‘thin lips’ ” he, who is not a racist, says, ” I assure you he is..(a jew/kosher)”.
    Yep, he is not a racist, that much is clear (NOT) to everyone.

    After probably reading my many mirrored posts, he is now reattacking the Bjerknes guy, calling him racist – which he is obviously not, for he is just a silly a race supremacist that, evidently, being another shill himself, does not know anything about races, genetic stocks and haplogroups, and FIY, just like a biologist is someone studying and erudite in Biology, so a Racist is someone who studies and is erudite in races.. nothing bad about being a racist from a non-biased point of view.. u can call it ethnology, ethnography, anthropology or whatever .. still the same.. but again, stupid people say stupid things that they hear and repeat without knowledge.. and so does our OConman – crying wolf every other day, as today, again, claiming that his computers (which we can see online and alive on his latest video..) are all ‘dead’, so is his internet and whatever else his megalomaniac highness needs to produce the cheap crap he then sells online.
    So much for a shill that appears to be a jewish-obsessed activist who then accuses the Catholics of being child molesters and rapists and then goes agaisnt another jew-obsessed shill, mr. Little, an obvious agent of the 5th state, who went around with banners saying that Jews rape children!! And guess what? .. OConman is now telling his audience that he is ‘using’ 3000$ to rent banner-trucks in Western US with ads on that read ‘Israel took your jobs’ and ‘Israel stole your tech’ or some other crap. Three days ago he just said he received a large donation that will last him for 3-4 months! ..aaahh-uh!? .. yea, right, sure u did oconman. So, first things first.. he tells us that he is going to buy a bottle of JD (55$)!
    U can’t make the shit up.

    A paranoid schizo top to bottom.

    And I m sorry to say this, but, out of the few important topics he has mentioned (paranoids often get things right.. picking up info here and there like little sensitive irrational human antennas) there is also a great nonsense and crazy talk that sink the good deed into the pile of rubbish he has just ranted out in his irrational, embellished to a certain degree of logic to better appeal to the more rational viewer, regurgitations.

    Now, the real question is, does he do all that on purpose? Could he be that good of an actor? Is he just the umpteenth useful idiot that the power in place and Internet trolls like to manipulate, use and then spit out, or is he a real operative?
    I am personally inclined toward the first possible scenario.

    He is a walking wandering human mine ready to explode in the face of anyone who tries to handle it. He is or acts like an agent of chaos who is wreaking havoc in an already too dangerous ALT media.

    So, stay away from the lunatic. We are better off without him.

    And now is pumped on pushing his new friend/enemy Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, a jewish shill posing as a leftist-communist-libertarian or whatever else appeals the goym in the West these days, whom will be appointed by his majesty king of the Conmen the task of printing and distributing flyers in the US, and various other ‘vital material’, forgetting though that the dude is one of the founders of WeAreChange a fake ALT media made up mainly of jewish boys and girls who happen to know exactly when and where the vips (politicians, oligarchs, billionnaires, kings, lords and other unapproachable powerful men and women) are at and have unrestricted easy access to them . Imagine that.
    Any bias there? Sure.
    However, biases are the least of concerns in these operations.
    Jewish orgs and networks are hijacking vital discourses in our social media swaying them away into a path where we, the non-jews, cannot control the discourse anymore.
    No surprise we find him on KnowMoreNews on one side and dealing with Brendon O’COnman on the other, both shills and tools used to create chaos, disinfo to break us apart.

    Bottom line, we are forced to not trust anyone, no matter what he/she says.

    Sadly, it’s the game we are forced to play.

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