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Harrison Koehli on Marxcissism and Wokeness

Listen HERE Harrison Koehli, publisher-publicist of ponerology’s founding father Andrzej Łobaczewski, returns to Truth Jihad Radio after fifteen years to psychoanalyze Marxism and wokeness. What does ponerology, the psychological analysis of political evil, have to tell us about left-wing authoritarianism? Is wokeness related to personality disorders? Note: This interview helped inspire my essay “Perversity Is Our Strength!”


Why Iran will win: The achilles heel of machievellian evil is that it cannot imagine goodness

Michael Ledeen is indeed a “terrorism expert.” He has reportedly bragged about murdering people in Italy in false-flag “Gladio” terror operations.   Richard Perle may be the self-styled Prince of Darkness. But Michael Ledeen is the Apostle of Evil. Of all the Straussian neoconservative satanists, Ledeen is the one who embraces evil the most openly and enthusiastically…   (read the entire article)