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David Swanson Reports from Charlottesville; James Hufferd on the real “Nature of US Government”

Broadcast here August 16th, 11 to noon Eastern then archived. All my shows are archived at my Patreon page – please consider subscribing! First half hour: David Swanson — a notable author and activist from Charlottesville, Virginia — reports on the “Top 10 Misconceptions About Charlottesville.” He makes a number of interesting points, such as:     “Tearing down statues is not opposing history. Charlottesville has three Confederate war statues, two (pro) genocide of the Native Americans statues, one World War I statue, one Vietnam War memorial, one statue of Thomas Jefferson (whose words and deeds, I’m sorry to say, agreed almost entirely with the latest…


Shani Rigsbee on world sing-out for peace

Broadcast Wednesday, April 23rd, 10-11:00 a.m. Central (1500 GMT) on, archived here. Note: subscribers can listen to shows on-demand before they are broadcast – and also get free downloads! If you are a subscriber, just log in to the members area of and go to the “Private Blog” to get early access to the shows. Musician Shani Rigsbee says however much governments may want war, the world’s people only want peace. (Hermann Goering once admitted the same thing.) So she brought together people from eleven countries to record an anthem of peace and mutual understanding, “We Hear…


Turkish TV commentator Ceylan Özbudak: Peace is possible!

Tuesday, July 3rd, 11 a.m. to noon Central (9-10 Pacific) on (archived here a few hours after broadcast).  Guest: Ceylan Özbudak is a 30 year old Middle East peace activist and expert in Middle East politics and anti-Darwinist,  anti-materialist activism. She is a commentator on A9 TV Channel,  a satellite TV channel based in Istanbul,  Turkey. She is also hosts the “Building Bridges” Show on the American WTPN Network  ( reaching millions of people.  Show topics: The Arab Spring, tensions between Turkey and Syria, interfaith peacemaking, Darwinism as a destructive ideology, and Netanyahu’s push for war on Iran.