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Iran Engages Oman: Are Western Client Regimes Declaring Independence?

Does the new 12-part agreement between Iran and Oman signal a regional shift, as former Western clients and puppets assert their independence as sovereign nations? As the world grows multipolar, will the West Asian region expel US imperialists and Zionist colonizers? Syed Mohsin Abbas and I discuss the issue on Press TV’s Spotlight program. News report:…


FFWN: Another False Flag to Start a War with Iran?

0) Help FFWN bust down YouTube’s jailhouse walls! 1) Pompeo Says Intelligence Points to Iran in Tanker Attack in Gulf of Oman 2) Two Oil Tankers Attacked in the Middle East, Stoking Fears of Conflict 3) MIDDLE EAST Iran calls tanker explosions ‘suspicious’ as global concern grows 4) Iran says it rescued 44 sailors after 2 tankers were ‘reportedly attacked’ in Gulf of Oman War on Free Speech and Democracy 5) Hundreds of thousands attend protest in Hong Kong over extradition bill 6) Pompeo tells Jewish leaders he will ‘push back’ against Britain’s Corbyn…


Oman tankers attacked: Yet another false flag?

Press TV interview with Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor and Mohammad Marandi, Professor, University of Tehran Who’s messing with the Persian Gulf oil trade? Pompeo’s blaming Iran. Is Bolton trying to gin up a war before he’s kicked out the door? -KB PressTV-US blames Iran for tanker attacks in Sea of Oman The Trump administration has blamed Iran for attacks on two oil tankers in the Sea of Oman without providing any evidence to back up the accusation. On Thursday morning, Iranian rescuers rushed to the assistance of the two oil tankers in the Sea of Oman, transferring all of their 44 crew…