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Mytchell Mora on “Newly tech-restored Zapruder film proves JFK Conspiracy”; Anab Whitehouse on “Unscientific America, 9/11, Sam Harris and Noam Chomsky”

Broadcast live Friday June 22,  8 to 10 pm Central on Revolution.Radio 1st hour: Mytchell Mora, a mainstream news producer from the LA area, has produced many investigative reports. He writes: “Newly devleloped tech- restored Zapruder film proves that President Kennedy was killed by more than one gunman !!!!!  The President’s motorcade shows two objects breaking the windshield twice coming from the front of the windshield proving that the Warren commission was wrong and or lied on purpose !!! Easy to see video for ANYONE to watch and notice for themselves !!!  What ???   A newly restored, stabilized and…