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Mytchell Mora on “Newly tech-restored Zapruder film proves JFK Conspiracy”; Anab Whitehouse on “Unscientific America, 9/11, Sam Harris and Noam Chomsky”

Broadcast live Friday June 22,  8 to 10 pm Central on Revolution.Radio

1st hour: Mytchell Mora, a mainstream news producer from the LA area, has produced many investigative reports. He writes:

“Newly devleloped tech- restored Zapruder film proves that President Kennedy was killed by more than one gunman !!!!! 

The President’s motorcade shows two objects breaking the windshield twice coming from the front of the windshield proving that the Warren commission was wrong and or lied on purpose !!! Easy to see video for ANYONE to watch and notice for themselves !!! 
What ???
A newly restored, stabilized and clearly, crisp copy of the Zapruder film has been discovered from a youtube posting from  June, 2017 clearly shows new images never reported or seen before !!! Images clearly shows two objects breaking the windshield of the President’s motorcade and causing the driver and passenger to react to the glass smoke like particles. This proving that the driver and passenger committed perjury and lied to the Warren Commission and that there was more than shooter for the murder of President John F. Kennedy.


Go to: 31 seconds into the film. Look at the passenger of the driver. There’s a cloud of smoke it’s glass particles from the windshield exploding. It’s from a bullet coming from the front of the limo. Go to: 38 seconds of the video a second bullet is hitting the windshield causing it to explode in a cloud like way. Both the driver and the passenger react to the glass smoke like clouds hitting the windshield. 

Where and When? 

This new discovery will be in the front page of American Media’s National Enquirer next week. The article will also include expert analysis on the new videos findings!!”

-Mytchell Mora

He recently emailed me:

“It’s a true pleasure meeting you. It will be an honor to be on your show tomorrow! I want to include some more evidence in my discovery for you to take a look at. The photo attached here is of the Presidential motorcade after the shooting. The red circle shows what may be a bullet hole on the windshield. Now please look to you right of the windshield. Look at the woman’s colored flowered dress. Please look closer and you will see another hole in the windshield. This is further proof of what I found on the Zapruder film. Two objects shatter the windshield. I believe these are the third and fourth bullet that hit the President on the right side of his head only a mili second away from each other.
Here is the Zapruder audio. Please listen to the first and second bullets. The first hits the President in the throat, the second  hits Connally. Now listen closely to the third bullet. The sound is longer than the first and second shots. Why? It’s a third and fourth bullet at nearly the same time. I’m in shock that no one has ever caught this until now.
I’ve given my findings to the President’s leading expert in his assassination Dr. Cyril Wecht. He calls my findings very disturbing and startling. He’s launched an investigation.”

2nd hour: Bill “Anab” Whitehouse received an honors B.A. in Social Relations from Harvard University and a doctorate in Educational Theory from the University of Toronto. Dr. Whitehouse has spent more than 43 years exploring Islam and its mystical dimension, known in the West as the Sufi Path. In addition, he has counseled individuals from the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe who have sought relief from the trauma of spiritual abuse and fundamentalism. He has taught at univerisites in the United States and Canada.

Dr. Whitehouse has been pursuing the Sufi Path for approximately 43 years. For nearly 16 years, he enjoyed a close working relationship with a Sufi saint of the 20th Century who has since passed away.

Dr. Whitehouse produces the Sufi Study Circle Podcast and is the owner of Bilquees Press and the Interrogative Imperative Institute.

He writes:

“If you would like a free, nearly 90 page  PDF entitled “Unscientific America, 9/11, Sam Harris, and Noam Chomsky” then, please go to one of the web pages listed below.  The aforementioned extended essay is unique since no one else — at least to the best of my knowledge (which might be limited) — has explored the topics to which the essay gives expression in quite the manner that the foregoing article does. Such an airing of issues is long-overdue, and while any time might have been an appropriate occasion for such intellectually irresponsible behavior with respect to 9/11 to be clearly identified for what it is, I took the time for reflection that the month of Ramadan offers to think about, among other more uplifting subjects, the nature of the actions of Sam Harris and Noam Chomsky in conjunction with 9/11.

“When you click on any of the following links, just scroll down the Home page of the selected page until you reach the area just above the update notice for the web page. In the center of that area of the web page, you should see the announcement for the ‘Unscientific America, 9/11, Sam Harris, and Noam Chomsky” PDF, and just below that announcement is a link for downloading the accompanying essay. Just right click on the link and select from among the options with which you are presented.

Unscientific America, 9/11, Sam Harris, and Noam Chomsky – 1

Unscientific America, 9/11, Sam Harris, and Noam Chomsky – 2

Unscientific America, 9/11, Sam Harris, and Noam Chomsky – 3

“If you should choose to visit the foregoing pages, you might also be interested in downloading the other free PDFs that are available through any of the foregoing web sites. More specifically, in addition to the essay on “Unscientific America, 9/11, Sam Harris, and Noam Chomsky,” you also can obtain an article that explores the principles of sovereignty, as well an essay that critically reflects on several landmark legal trials concerning the issue of evolution. All three of the foregoing essays break substantial new conceptual grounds on a number of topics.”


3 Thoughts to “Mytchell Mora on “Newly tech-restored Zapruder film proves JFK Conspiracy”; Anab Whitehouse on “Unscientific America, 9/11, Sam Harris and Noam Chomsky””

  1. Cat

    We are made to believe JFK was killed with a shot from behind when he was actually killed with a shot from the front. In contrast, we are made to believe RFK was killed with a shot from the front when he was actually killed with a shot from behind.

    Cognoscenti factoid, Muchinson’s name is pronounced Murk-inson, not Murch-inson.

    There is much dispute about Madeline Brown’s account, saying she’s changed her story too many times to make her believable. The only person I respect who cites Brown is William Pepper who I heard say at a lecture that he personally knew Brown.

    Another figure in Dallas that day was Yitzhak Rabin, although I’ve never heard his name bandied about at the alleged Murchinson gathering the night before.

    I’m glad Kevin was able to counter and hopefully dissuade Mora of his certainty that Johnson was the mastermind. So we are to believe that long after Johnson’s death, his hand can still reach far into the deep state bureaucracy to quell and silence any truth from surfacing? Or that there are so many Johnson loyalists embedded 50+ years later protecting his sins?

    And also, if he had JFK killed so he could be president, he certainly abandoned his coveted prize by not running a second term, and then dying soon after. Not much of a reward for all that effort.

  2. Jim Coyle

    Was the video that Mora references posted anywhere else. YouTube removed it.

    1. Good question! Sounds like a research project…

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