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Morgan Reynolds is looking for an argument!

Broadcast December 22nd, 10-11:00 a.m. Central (1500 GMT) on, archived here. Note: subscribers can listen to shows on-demand before they are broadcast – and also get free downloads! If you are a subscriber, just log in to the members area of and go to the “Private Blog” to get early access to the shows.  Dr. Morgan Reynolds, Bush II’s top Labor Dept. economist, resigned, exposed the 9/11 inside job, and said his former bosses had  “blown the Towers to kingdom come” Morgan Reynolds is looking for an argument – i.e. a “connected series of statements intended to establish a proposition” that some combination of nanothermite,…


My exchange with Morgan Reynolds, re: WTC demolitions

I recently had Morgan Reynolds on my radio show to explain/debate his article “WTC Destruction: Five Facts Falsify Five Theories.”  (Listen to the interview.) Morgan followed up with “Bombs Did Not Unravel the Towers.” I think Morgan’s articles are very much worthy of discussion, as is Judy Wood’s book Where Did the Towers Go, its main reference. One of Morgan’s (and Judy’s) strongest points is that the 9/11 truth movement has failed to hammer hard enough at one of the most obvious indications that the destruction of the Towers was not a natural collapse: The fact that it left no…


Hardcore libertarianism, “outrageous conspiracy theories” with Morgan Reynolds!

Truth Jihad Radio Fri. 2/10/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page. Okay, folks, this is it – the last show before I take the rest of February off. American Freedom Radio will be broadcasting re-runs of “The Best of Truth Jihad Radio.” You can help bring Truth Jihad Radio back ASAP by donating via the paypal button at I’m going to need to raise at least $500 a month ($125 a week) to barely cover the time it takes to seek out and schedule guests, post…