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LIVE RADIO! Nita Renfrew on “History of the American Militia Movement”; Dr. Omar Zaid on Aliens/Djinn/NWO

Listen live Fridays 8 to 10 pm Eastern on Revolution.Radio First hour: Nita M. Renfrew is the author of A History of the American Militia Movement: America’s Shooting Edge—completed in 1999, the first several chapters self-published in 2010. (Renfrew, an MSM insider, was shocked to discover that the militia movement was right about the Oklahoma City bombing, the Federal Reserve, and much more.) Today, as the militia movement is being recast as a leading MSM boogeyman, Renfrew’s book is an essential resource for those interested in the roots of our ever-worsening Constitutional crisis. Nita M. Renfrew was an independent journalist…