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Memorial Day: A Pagan Holiday of Human Sacrifice

“Mmm! The pungent smell of roasting pigmeat wafting across the park on a perfect afternoon as spring gives way to summer. Must be Memorial Day! All hail our fallen heroes, and pass the bratwurst!” -typical American quasi-cannibal indulging in watered-down ritual sacrifice By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor “I’ve been to rice boilings and I’ve been to pig stickings, and the rice boilings had better vibes.” Stephen Gaskin’s celebrated aphorism influenced the hippie generation and helped inspire the trend toward vegetarianism.  It made a big impression on me when I was going through my teenager vegetarian phase in the 1970s.…


Memorial Day Remembrance: Remember 9/11!

On Memorial Day, we are supposed to remember the troops who died serving our country. So let’s remember them. And let’s also remember the ones who didn’t die, just got maimed and brutalized and traumatized: The guys and gals poisoned with DU and experimental vaccines, who were given evil orders, whose bodies and/or souls were injured “in the line of duty.” And let’s not forget their victims – the brave people fighting on the other side…and the “innocent” ones who weren’t fighting, just existing in the wrong place at the wrong time. The people our troops killed are open wounds,…