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Laura Knight-Jadczyk on alternative history, Barbara Honegger on 9/11 events

Fri.  9/6/13, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio  (archived here.) First hour: Laura  Knight-Jadczyk is the author of Comets and the Horns of Moses: The Secret History of the World, Volume II, which outlines a fascinating alternative view of history and spirituality. Laura was one of the early voices exposing the 9/11 false-flag. She is also a leading figure calling attention to the importance of psychopathy in politics. (Her work was a major inspiration for my widely-read essay Twilight of the Psychopaths.)  She works with the alternative news outlet Second hour: Barbara Honegger, former White House Policy Analyst, recently…


Why They HATE Hearing the Truth About 9/11

Why do so many people throw their hands over their ears and let out a scream of horror when confronted with the evidence that 9/11 was an inside job? Laura Knight-Jadczyk, last night’s radio show guest, cited research showing that when people are given negative information about their leaders, the brain’s emotional circuits override the cognitive ones; a blast of bad neurochemicals triggers a negative emotional state, which is only relieved by positive emotions when the person figures out a way – no matter how irrational – to discount the information. In other words, when we offer someone evidence that…