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A Friendly Visit from the Federal Marshals

“He called the judge an ASS-hole! Can you believe it? My crazy husband called the judge an ASSSSSS-hole!” My wife spent yesterday afternoon calling and Skyping her friends and family, excoriating my poor judgment in posting an over-the-top letter to the judge who sentenced Tarek Mehanna to 17 years in prison. She thought it was so unprofessional, so excessive, that it damaged my credibility and maybe even Tarek Mehanna’s case. Compared to her, the pair of Federal Marshals who visited us yesterday offered relatively mild literary criticism. They asked  me why I wrote it and what did it mean. After…


Tarek Mehanna for President! An open letter to Judge George O’Toole

  Judge George O’ Toole USDC-BostonWebmaster@mad.uscourts.govUS District Court – Massachussetts1 Courthouse Way, Suite 2300Boston, Massachusetts 02210 617-748-9152 CC: Courtroom Clerk Paul Lyness 617-748-9181, Docket Clerk Chris Danieli 617-748-9182 Dear George O’Toole, I am writing to let you know that I will be voting for Tarek Mehanna – the man you just sentenced to seventeen years in prison – in the next presidential election. Additionally, I am requesting that you immediately issue a warrant to arrest me for the same “crimes” for which Mehanna was charged and convicted. I am guilty of those same thoughtcrimes, and more. I agree…