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Tarek Mehanna for President! An open letter to Judge George O’Toole

  Judge George O’ Toole USDC-BostonWebmaster@mad.uscourts.govUS District Court – Massachussetts1 Courthouse Way, Suite 2300Boston, Massachusetts 02210 617-748-9152 CC: Courtroom Clerk Paul Lyness 617-748-9181, Docket Clerk Chris Danieli 617-748-9182 Dear George O’Toole, I am writing to let you know that I will be voting for Tarek Mehanna – the man you just sentenced to seventeen years in prison – in the next presidential election. Additionally, I am requesting that you immediately issue a warrant to arrest me for the same “crimes” for which Mehanna was charged and convicted. I am guilty of those same thoughtcrimes, and more. I agree…