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At America’s Worst News Source, Morons Drool and Call Smart People Names

Yahoos run amok because some professor’s smarter than they are. At Yahoo News (news for yahoos*?) the latest headline reads:At America’s worst university, a professor calls Boston Bombings ‘mass casualty drill’ The story, by some yahoo named Eric, is a low-grade psy-op designed to pressure Florida Atlantic University into harassing professor James Tracy. “Jeez! Dr. Tracy is bad for business! If he keeps posting this stuff on his blog, people with cockroach-level IQs won’t want to send their kids here!” The perpetrators, and their media cover-up team, don’t like James Tracy’s excellent analysis of the mass casualty drill in Boston.…


Conspiracy Theories: A Modest Proposal

by Sass Cuntstein, Information Czar and Cuntstitutional Scholar Extraordinaire In my previous article “Conspiracy Theories: Causes and Cures,” I argued that conspiracy theories – especially the ones that are true – pose a growing threat to Western civilization in general, and to people like me in particular. I pointed out that since 9/11, a veritable tsunami of conspiracy theories has been racing toward the American shore, threatening to wash away everything we have accomplished. Clearly, something must be done… (READ THE FULL ARTICLE)