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Ron Unz on “Holocaust Denial”

Listen HERE What exactly is “holocaust denial”? Why do so many seemingly well-informed people doubt the canonical narrative of the Nazi holocaust? Or perhaps we should ask: Why do so many people who know little or nothing about the historical questions involved express such fervent belief in that canonical narrative? And why has such faith become legally mandated—to the point that in most of Europe one can actually be imprisoned for professing one’s good-faith interpretations of a historical event? In his new essay “American Pravda: Holocaust Denial,” Ron Unz traces the bizarre history of “the Holocaust.” The picture Unz paints…


Crimea, the Prize as Always

Crimea, the Prize as Always A guest post from William Dare, a retired university professor who lives in Thailand. History of Crimea, hegemon by hegemon Dear Colleagues, Starting in @500 BC here’s a real quick spin thru the History of Crimea, hegemon by hegemon: — Scythians — Greek Colonists  (major trading towns were Chersonesos, Balaclava, Sudak, and Kerch) — Kingdom of Pontus (Roman client state; Romans did build and garrison the complex of Charax, near Cherson) — Germanic Goths  (They build up Mangup, near Cherson, as a fortress cum trading center) — Black Huns (kept Goths in a state of…