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Gerald Sussman on “Russia-Ukraine Conflict: The Propaganda War”

Listen HERE Gerald Sussman‘s new article “Russia-Ukraine Conflict: The Propaganda War,” like Zafar Bangash’s article on Pakistan, traces a current catastrophe to its post-WWII-era origins. As in the case of Pakistan, the Western bankster cartel has had a hand in destabilizing Ukraine for more than 70 years. In both cases the banksters and their CIA hired guns have worked with extremely unsavory elements. In Ukraine that means not just gangsters (including the Zionist gangster oligarchs who run the country) but also Nazi fanatics. So is Zelensky’s war really about self-defense? Or are the Russians the ones defending themselves against a long-term…


LIVE RADIO! Zafar Bangash on “Pakistan’s Unending Political Crisis”; Gerald Sussman on “Russia-Ukraine Conflict: The Propaganda War”

‘Listen live Fridays 8 to 10 Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at Tonight’s live show features the authors of two excellent in-depth global affairs articles that tell more truth than the mainstream allows. First hour: Zafar Bangash argues that since the founding of Pakistan in 1947 its leadership has blundered from crisis to crisis “like a corner drunk”—and the current catastrophe, brought on by corrupt leaders complicit in the anti-Imran Khan coup, is one of the all-time worst. His article offers an uncommonly blunt synopsis of the history of Pakistan, leading up to the recent coup  by external forces (think US-IMF)…