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Zionist Islamophobes Macron & Pam Geller Turn “Free Speech” Upside-Down

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor I finally got America’s queen of Islamophobia, Pam Geller, to shut up. Geller had been exchanging long-winded emails with Michael Korn, a Jewish convert to Christianity, and I was on their cc list. She endlessly blathered, spewing mendacious generalities about how “Islamic law forbids criticism of Islam, Quran, Muhammad” and that the word Islamophobia “is used to intimidate people into thinking there is something wrong with opposing jihad terror.” When Korn didn’t swallow her BS, Geller signed off saying “I will never surrender…I have survived multiple assassination attempts because of this cartoon.” I answered…


To Stop Mass Killings, Limit the First Amendment, Not the Second!

Time to leave the corporate media twisting slowly in the breeze? “Any way you slice it, the gun nuts are right about one thing: Banning and regulating weaponry is not going to stop crazy, evil people from committing massacres. Anybody who wants to can easily massacre at least a couple of dozen people, maybe more, without using any ‘weapons’ at all. “Regulating and restricting privately-held firearms – which the Second Amendment would seem to prohibit – cannot possibly stop massacres. But regulating and restricting free speech – i.e. violating the First Amendment – probably could. “Here’s how: Simply pass a…


Islamophobic NY subway ad improved!

(read this at my newly revamped website) My rant about the Islamophobic NY subway ads went viral and got 3,000 hits in one day. Since there is no way in hell that the 9/11-complicit mobbed-up Zionist courts in New York are going to allow comparable anti-Jewish ads equal time with the anti-Muslim ads, this is a violation of the First Amendment’s decree that all religions must be treated equally. When unconstitutional acts occur, extreme measures are called for. Blowing up the NY subway system and/or killing everyone responsible for putting up the Islamophobic ads (which is what the terrorist Jewish…