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James Perloff on Hollywood war propaganda; Daniel Haqiqatjou of MuslimSkeptic on Islam and family values

Broadcast live 8 to 10 pm Central on Revolution.Radio First hour: James Perloff, author of 100,000+copy bestselling NWO exposés (his most recent book is Truth Is a Lonely Warrior) joins us to discuss Hollywood’s permanent propaganda campaign for war and the New World Order. In his latest article “The Extraordinary Censorship of It’s a Wonderful Life” Perloff explains why Frank Capra’s 1946 masterpiece got snubbed by the Oscars in favor of the now forgotten The Best Years of Our Lives. It seems that It’s a Wonderful Life has an anti-banker, anti-NWO subtext…while The Best Years of Our Lives was rewarded for propagandizing against…