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Why didn’t the Republicans steal the election?

Are the 2012 election results “the straight poop” –even though the voting machines are Republican? If so, why? A brief survey – best answers win valuable prizes! by Kevin Barrett, We know who “won.” But we don’t know why. Specifically, we don’t know why Republicans didn’t steal this presidential election, like they did in 2000 and 2004. After all, almost all of the “black box” voting machines that control American elections are owned by Republicans. All of the machines in Colorado, and many of those in Ohio, are actually owned by Mitt Romney! So has decided to sponsor…


“Election” special with Bev Harris of BlackBoxVoting and journalist Ralph Forbes

Tuesday, November 6th, 11 a.m. to noon Central (9-10 Pacific) on (then archived here a few hours after broadcast). They call it an “election.” But former president Jimmy Carter, who monitors elections throughout the developing world, says American elections are so corrupt that there’s no point in even monitoring them. Perhaps the worst flaw in American elections is the widespread use of black box voting machines. These machines offer no transparent connection between the votes cast, and the results reported by the machine. In other words, these machines do not count votes; they fabricate outcomes. That’s why Karl Rove’s…


Black Tuesday: Mourning the death of American democracy

This election day, whoever you vote for, dress in black to mourn the death of democracy. By Kevin Barrett, Bev Harris of suggests that you wear the color of the party you’re voting for on election day: blue for Democrat, red for Republican, green for Green, and so on. She says the black box voting machines, many owned by Mitt Romney, cannot be trusted to count your vote. So the only meaningful way to express your political preference is through the color of your clothing. But I say: Let’s dress in black for “black Tuesday” – to mourn…