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Why didn’t the Republicans steal the election?

Are the 2012 election results “the straight poop” –
even though the voting machines are Republican? If so, why?

A brief survey – best answers win valuable prizes!

by Kevin Barrett,

We know who “won.”

But we don’t know why.

Specifically, we don’t know why Republicans didn’t steal this presidential election, like they did in 2000 and 2004.

After all, almost all of the “black box” voting machines that control American elections are owned by Republicans. All of the machines in Colorado, and many of those in Ohio, are actually owned by Mitt Romney!

So has decided to sponsor a survey. Why do YOU think the Republicans didn’t steal this Presidential election?

Choose one or more of the alternatives below, or write in your own reason. To submit your answer, simply respond in the comments, or send your response to: truthjihad(at)gmail(dot)com. The best response will win free copies of two paradigm-busting books: The Wandering Who? by Gilad Atzmon, and Questioning the War on Terror by Kevin Barrett.

Why didn’t the Republicans steal the election?

A) It wasn’t close enough, so it would have been too obvious, and the people might have finally caught on.

B) The New World Order thinks it can achieve its agenda better with slick stealth fascists like Obama and his neo-libs rather than  dumb blatant fascists like Romney and his neocons.

C) The Zionist elite realized that Netanyahu is insane, and that war on Iran would be fatal to Israel, so they opted for Obama as the “good for Israel” candidate.

D) After Karl Rove “terminated” his top computer vote theft expert, Mike Connell, in 2008, the Republicans couldn’t find anybody talented enough to replace him – perhaps because fewer and fewer people with three-digit IQs are Republicans.

E) Veterans Today exposed so many Romney scandals – his drug money laundering, his Mossad spying, his Cuban mistress, his draft evasion, his subservience to Netanyahu, his ownership of voting machines – that any blatant election theft by such a notorious criminal would have been way too obvious and way too destabilizing.

F) Romney’s Republican strategists can see that the American empire is heading down the toilet bowl of history, and they don’t want to be blamed for what’s going to happen during the next four years.

G) American elections are squeaky-clean, President Jimmy Carter is crazy, articles like this are just conspiracy theories, so let’s all just go back to watching Fox News.

H) (your answer)

12 Thoughts to “Why didn’t the Republicans steal the election?”

  1. Anonymous


    I was listening to Amy Goodman, who reviewed case after case of Republican vote fraud. Evidently, it just wasn't sufficient, and there were at least partially effective counters to it this time.

    The GOP gave it the "old college try," and thus deserves an "A" for effort!

    Best wishes,

    BRUCE T.

  2. That's what Gordon Duff said on my radio show today. He thinks the Republicans may have stolen up to 5 million votes, but it wasn't enough.

  3. Anonymous

    I think they stole 4 million votes…

    They were here in Ohio, reprogramming our voting machines but underestimated the 500,000 new voters the democrats had registered since the last elections.

    My guess, based on the weeks of constantly purposefully misleading polls is that they simply tried the same thing that was done in 2000 and 2004

    even now they are trying to rig florida…50,000 votes even with all their games…all counted last night but they need a few days to try to make this look like less of a landslide.

    no…this is pretty clear to me..a failed stolen election.


  4. Anonymous

    I agree, they couldn't steal enough votes. Their treatment of Ron Paul lost them too many votes. Americans are waking up thanks to writers like yourself and the internet.
    We are stuck with Obama, but we have a better chance of avoiding another war for Israel


  5. Anonymous

    B, C, and they decided to spend their 5 million margin flipping Green votes instead of Democrat votes.

  6. Anonymous

    the election was not close enough for the electronic voting machines to steal.
    -Paul Craig Roberts

  7. Donald

    I want to say Ace Baker for president! And I what his "Psy-Opera productions" to overtake Hollywood.

    Perhaps from now on (if this comment is accepted) anyone searching this blog for Ace Baker might find something of the great man.

  8. Anonymous

    Hello All ~ There's no rush about this query. Also if you want to start a contest as to which of you will be first to inform me that I'm wasting your time, well I won't object. I pondered whether to do more research in order to decide whether to send this email (and if so, what to put in it). But opted to try this out in primitive query terms as possibly most economical/effective. MY QUERY: If women comprise at least 50% of the US population, and if 55% of women voters voted for Obama (compared to 43% Republican), and if half (?) of Americans live in cities and 69% voted Democrat (compared to 29% Republican) and if 69% of Latinos voted Democrat (compared to 29% Republican) and if 60% of youth voted D (compared to 37% R) and if 51% of educated/poor combined voted D (compared to 47% R) and finally if 93% of blacks voted D (compared with 6% R), then how could the total national difference between Democrats and Republicans, of 118,296,502 votes cast, come out to something less than 1%? Now I realize that one must know the NUMBERS in each of the above categories. Percentages alone do not prove an anomaly, nor deliver the answer. And I confess I do not know the numbers in each of those demographics. I realize that the categories overlap (e.g. young poor black urban women). If the overwhelming number of US voters altogether is some combination of male white rich suburban or rural, then the apparent anomaly in my query disappears altogether. A final sub-query/dark fantasy: Did Carl Rove display his odd behaviour, refusing for the longest time to accept the results, because he and his criminal fellows had worked out a killer stealth algorithm for reaping votes without leaving digital traces? And this super-sophisticated vote theft app failed because it was too clever by half (didn't steal enough in "battleground" states) and as the co-ordinator of the SuperPAC hundreds of millions of dollars he was really pissed that all those bucks backfired? Just a paranoid conspiracy theory (really!). —Barrie

  9. Anonymous

    Need the raw numbers from the demographic breakdown of the people who voted. One thing that made me more confident of the 2012 result is the eerie accuracy of Nate Silver's predictions, which lined up very well with the outcome. Contrast that with the discrepancies between exit polls and reported results in battleground states in the 2004 election. In fact, exit polling was the gold standard for calling elections pre-2000. That was how they could call the election so quickly. But with the advent of black box voting, exit polls were rendered wildly "inaccurate".

    That was an obsession of mine for a year or more.


  10. Anonymous

    Thanks, guys, for those responses. I remember saying to an American woman I was on the phone with, that the '00 and '04 elections were stolen. She responded: "and the '02 mid-terms." And I too remember how quickly the previously gold-standard exit polls were declared 'way off…..suddenly. I agree, of course, that anyone who wants to delve further into the election must nail down a lot of numbers. I can't realistically believe I can find the time to stay with this, but I'll watch in case someone does further digging. Obsessions. Can. Be. Good. Cheers, —Barrie Z.

  11. Donald


    Romney has the incorrect spelling in the label tags. If you correct it I hope you also create a tag for Ace Baker. Then he really might come up in a blog search.

    Regards Donald


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