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FFWN Looks Back at 2022, Ahead to 2023 (with E. Michael Jones)

This week’s New Year’s 2023 Special will post by around 6 pm Eastern Wednesday 12/28 Full uncensored FFWN normally posted above by noon Central time Saturdays. PSA 1) Help FFWN Put on the Glasses! Conspiracy Facts of 2022 2) Remembering David Ray Griffin 3) 2022: The Year the Conspiracy Theory Became Conspiracy Fact 4) Twitter Files Thread: The Spies Who Loved Twitter: Federal law enforcement asserted primacy over all media distribution, a situation normally only found in tinpot regimes 2022: The Year Nuclear War Became a Thing 5) The UN has said nuclear war is ‘back…


Rolf Lindgren and Allan Stevo on elections

Listen HERE Republican activist Rolf Lindgren a.k.a. “Rolfstradamus” predicts the outcome of next Tuesday’s midterm elections. In the final half hour, Allan Stevo argues that yes, elections do matter, and discusses his efforts to help candidates with non-mainstream ideas win. Allan Stevo is the author of Face Masks in One Lesson. He contributes to, The Hill, The Daily Caller, and other outlets.


FFWN: Will Vaxx Wars “Go Nuclear” in 2022? (New Years Day special with Cat McGuire)

Broadcasts live 11 to noon Eastern Saturdays — watch the full uncensored version above.  We are NOT broadcasting on my YouTube channel  this week due to censorship. PSAs 0) Keep FFWN alive  in 2022 1) FFWN’s Top Stories of 2021! with Ron Unz, Cat McGuire, Alan Sabrosky, Mike Springmann, Matthew Ehret War on Freedom 2) Biden reveals condition for imposing domestic travel vaccine mandate  3) Twitter Suspends mRNA Inventor Dr. Robert Malone 4) The Cruel and Unusual Punishment Of Prof. Jason Kilborn by U. Illinois-Chicago John Marshall Law School 5) Linz, Austria Is Hiring People…