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LIVE RADIO! Kevin MacDonald on “Extreme Hyper-Ethnocentrism of Jews (re: Gaza)”; Fadi Lama on “Why the West Can’t Win”

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First hour: Evolutionary psychology scholar Kevin MacDonald discussers his new article “The Extreme Hyper-Ethnocentrism of Jews on Display in Israeli Attitudes Toward the Gaza War.” In it, he writes: “At least until the Gaza war, Jews have successfully depicted themselves as moral paragons and as champions of the downtrodden in the contemporary West…This Jewish pose of moral superiority is a dangerous delusion, and we must be realistic what the future holds as Whites continue to lose political power in all Western countries. When the gloves come off, there is no limit to what Jews in power may do if their present power throughout the West continues to increase. The ubiquitous multicultural propaganda of ethnic groups living in harmony throughout the West will quickly be transformed into a war of revenge for putative historical grievances that Jews harbor against the West, from the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans to the events of World War II. This same revenge was fatal to many millions of Russians and Ukrainians. It’s the fate of the Palestinians that we are seeing unfold before our eyes.”

Kevin MacDonald is a retired professor of psychology at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), best known for his controversial application of evolutionary psychology to characterize Jewish behavior as a “group evolutionary strategy.” He is the editor of the Occidental Observer.

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Second hour: Fadi Lama discusses his book Why the West Can’t Win: From Bretton Woods to a Multipolar World. Lama’s thesis is that the West, dominated by private central bankers a.k.a. “the Money Power,” has met its match in the form of the RIC (Russia-Iran-China) de facto alliance. Whereas the Money Power Empire uses slogans like liberalism and democracy to disguise its efforts to construct a one-world totalitarian plutocracy, the RIC axis supports multipolar civilizational sovereignty including the preservation of traditional collective values that bind together religions, nations, and families. According to Lama, world power trends favor RIC, which has been making rapid economic, technological, and military gains, even as the Money Power Empire loses control over energy resources.

Dr. Fadi Lama is an International Adviser for the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). He is a consultant in the fields of geoeconomics, industry, SMEs and academia. Fadi received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, an MSc in Manufacturing Technology from The City University of London, and his BE in Mechanical Engineering from the American University of Beirut.


4 Thoughts to “LIVE RADIO! Kevin MacDonald on “Extreme Hyper-Ethnocentrism of Jews (re: Gaza)”; Fadi Lama on “Why the West Can’t Win””

  1. ps

    What Kevin Barrett is always up to with his “religion”, which he would prefer to impose on all of humanity as a duty, as if humanity could not decide for itself to remain free of this kind of superstitious restriction. The reclericalization of public space.

    In any case, it is more than a mystery to me how someone with his level of education and cultural background can submit to the Abrahamic Stone Age cult “Islam” of all things. It’s downright absurd to the point of grotesque. I don’t dislike the man, but to believe that the whole world needs a “religion” like his is downright presumptuous. Should perhaps over a billion Chinese also become Muslims?

    And what does it mean that he had the experience of “getting to know talented black basketball players” during his school days in response to Kevin MacDonald’s statement that it is a risk to allow masses of black Africans into Europe? Doesn’t the man even read Amren or Vdare, for example? Surely he’s not seriously trying to sell us that?

  2. Birhan Dargey

    Precisely, why is the West seem to have a deathwiish? well WHO is running the USA/Western powers Foreign Policies and Domestic political/social/EDUCATIONAL/ policies? JEWS..the NONJewish WASP anglo/franco/germanic elites as going along as their PROFITS$$ and interest are favored. Without the nonjews understading that the ultimate Jewish objective is NOT to build multidiverse inclusive tolerant EQUAL (citizenship) societies..JEWS want to use MULTIracial/Diverse societies that WIPE OUT WHITE ANGLO MAJORITY SOCIETIES/COUNTRIES/ buil World JEWISH global Dominance..PD: IF Gaza Falss and Jews insist on expanding into Greater Israel.tehn the West is finished because Greater Israel means one world great ISRAEL…they can NOT achieve that without White/Nonjews/ GENOCIDE 1000XS times more criinal than Gaza…Events in Palestine is juts a preview of Jewish wars/genocide to come…anti white, anti Christian, anti GOYIM.

  3. Follow up studies of the “Kalergi Plan” and the 1970s novel “Campm of the Saints”.

  4. Jaime Jonas

    Barret is wrong on his critism of Western Unievrsalist evil colonial past. Western Anglo colonialists entroduced the concepts of CITIZENSHIP, equality unbder the laws, FREDDOMS under Constitutional Liberal DEMOCRACIES. BUT JEWS and ONLY jews claim tha their JEWISH Talmud/Torah/Noahide LAWS are superior to all DEMOCRATIC regimes,,,and that NONjews must accept even forcefully JEWISH Global Tyrannical THEOCRACY…which put JEWS at teh vey top of the POLITICAL/social/Cultural order…

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