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LIVE RADIO! Nick Kollerstrom on “Just Wars” in Ukraine and Palestine; Swami Beyondanonda Touts Pro-Peace “Upwising”

Listen live Fridays noon to 2pm Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at

First hour: Nick Kollerstrom has appeared on this show many times to discuss his books on 9/11, 7/7, Charlie Hebdo, World War II revisionism, and most recently the “just war” in Ukraine. Let’s ask Nick: If Russia is fighting a just war against an aggressor who keeps pushing NATO’s borders and first-strike-oriented nuclear weapons systems ever closer to Moscow, what does that make the Palestinians’ war against the Zionist lunatics, those psychopathic killers intoxicated to the point of genocidal fury by the notion that the God they don’t believe in gave them Palestine 3000 years ago?

Second hour: Swami Beyondanonda of has spent the better part of four decades, maybe the way-better part (since the rest was so awful), trying to provoke an “upwising” by inciting people (to laughter) over seriously unfunny issues including 9/11, COVID, and electile dysfunction. So…What can the Swami possibly say about the mass slaughters in 404 and Occupied Palestine, among other symptoms of a seriously distressed planet? Tune in and find out.

Then in the final half-hour, the Swami’s Jewish manager, Steve Bhaerman, joins us to reprimand the Swami for his politically incorrect and possibly even anti-Semitic remarks, and to threaten to institutionalize him and medicate him into Zombieland forever if he doesn’t “wise up.”



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