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FFWN: The Four (4) World-Takeover Conspiracies (with Peter Myers, author of The Cosmopolitan Empire)

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1) Help FFWN Push Back Against All Four Conspiracies

Season’s Greetings

2) Jesus, Gaza, and the Murder of Useless People 

Breaking News

3) NYT: Israel Herds Civilians into Target Areas Then Drops 2000-pound Bombs on Them

4) U.S. Says It Can Support U.N. Security Council Resolution on Gaza


5) Does Economist “World in 2024” Cover Predict Trump Victory, US War on China?

6) Trump Is Disqualified From 2024 Ballot, Colorado Court Says in Explosive Ruling

7) Biden Tweets: TRUMP IS HITLER!

War on China

8) COVID Bioattack Suspect Robert Kadlec Pushing “Fauci Covered Up Chinese Lab Leak”

Genocide Joe

9) Biden’s USA: Accessory to Genocide

10) Hamas ‘mass rape’ claim lacks evidence. But it’s being used to justify genocide

11) Israel-Palestine war: Israel should ‘level Gaza and make it look like Auschwitz’, says official

12) Why are Israelis and Zionists so psychotic? A personal psychological explanation

13) Gaza and the Dangers of Jewish Paranoia

Axis of Resistance

14) US Announces 10-Nation Coalition to Counter Houthi Attacks In Red Sea

15) Hezbollah claims strike on Israel’s Iron Dome launchers

16) Syria’s Assad claims Holocaust was a lie fabricated to justify creation of Israel

17) Who Is The Axis Of Resistance?

18) They Can Wait at Leisure, Whilst Netanyahu Labours – and Errs

The Cosmopolitan Empire by Peter Myers

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  1. There’s no play button when I load AVG Browser, however it does play when I load Fire Fox and go into private browsing. That’s weird.

  2. One can envisage a four-participant panel discussion moderated by Mr. Barrrett which includes Ron Unz, Dr. David Martin and Naomi Wolfe as the one which finally blows the lid off the global 4-year crime spree nightmare…

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