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#World4Palestine! (FFWN with J. Michael Springmann)

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1) Help FFWN’s Infowar-for-Peace

2) 11/11 Commemorates Fall of Caliphate, Rise of Zionist Antichrist

Breaking News

3) NYT Blames “Deadly Crossfire” (Not IDF’s Genocidal Bombing) for Destruction of Hospitals

Shooting Back

4) Hamas vs. Tanks

5) Yemen Shoots Down US Drone

6) Israel Will Lose. Here’s Why.

Rousing Orations

7) Abu Obeida: ‘We are fighting the battle of David against Goliath’

8) Nasrallah Speeches On Gaza (11/3 and 11/11)


9) In a Worldwide War of Words, Russia, China and Iran Back Hamas (NYT)

10) Russia’s Public Pivot to Palestine

11) Israel launches attack on Russia at UN

12) Turkish police fire tear gas at pro-Palestinian rally outside US air base

13) Mass Anti-Normalization Protest in Morocco

14) Mossad helps foil ‘Hezbollah attack’ in Brazil – Israel

Atrocity Hoaxes

15) American Pravda: War Crimes and Atrocity-Hoaxes in the Israel/Gaza Conflict

16) Israel’s US-Supplied Apache Helicopters, Not Hamas, Slaughtered Music Festival-Goers

17) The Censored Truth: Israel Uses Human Shields, Hamas Doesn’t

18) Zionists Murdering One Journalist Per Day (WaPo)


Jews vs. America

20) Jews Declare War on America

21) Oy Vey! Al-Aqsa Storm Was Another Holocaust! Gas Chamber Survivors Slaughtered from Paragliders! (NYT)

22) Antony Blinken Tied To Jeffrey Epstein: Went To School Where He Taught, Family Connected To Epstein’s Mistress

23) Pentagon confirms US spy drones over Gaza

Genocide Joe & Hellbitch Hillary

24) “Genocide Joe” Trends on Twitter

25) Students walk out of Hillary Clinton’s class to protest Columbia ‘shaming’ pro-Palestinian demonstrators

Domestic Spats

26) Why American Muslims aren’t buying Biden’s anti-Islamophobia spiel

27) US Congress summons Biden family in impeachment probe

28) US ‘election integrity’ think tank targeted conservatives – Congress

Decline and Fall

29) The Dollar’s Dominance Is Shakier Than Ever

30) Two Ways of Looking at the West’s Population Dilemma

Orca Terrorism

31) Orcas sink another yacht in Strait of Gibraltar

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