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Debating “Anti-Semitism” with John Kaminski

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Guest: John Kaminski, author of the “The New Nakba”.

As the mass-murder of Palestinian women and children accelerates, MSM genocide propagandists are protected. But truth-tellers whose only crime is being a bit too excitable, like today’s Truth Jihad Radio guest John Kaminski, face career destruction and sometimes legal jeopardy. Kaminski, a former mainstream journalist exiled from the field for “anti-Semitism,” was my first-ever Truth Jihad Radio guest almost exactly 17 years ago. I kicked him off the show because what he was saying about “the Jews” sounded too extreme.

Today, I’m not sure anybody can say anything extreme enough about the Gaza genocide and the tribe that’s behind it. But I make a distinction between Jews as a tribe, i.e. Antichrist, and individual Jews, who are mostly perfectly nice people, just like everybody else. (For the rest of the story, check out my new VT article “Is It Anti-Semitic to Oppose Genocide? A Freewheeling Debate with Rich Sweir and John Kaminski.“)

In this interview, John Kaminski accuses me of “proudly protecting the Jews from the likes of John Kaminski” and says:

“Jews are the enemy of every country on earth because they’re out to swindle everybody they can get their hands on. America is controlled by a foreign power, and that’s international Jewry. They control every aspect of America’s existence. They control the White House, the politicians, the Congress. They control the American Medical Association. They control the judges, the courts, the schools. They teach homosexuality in the schools. They’re in control of all the other religions in these ecumenical organizations. They control every aspect of our existence. And your attempt to split them into factions, some of which are innocent and some of which are guilty, is a typical Jew explanation of how the Jews distance themselves from the crimes that they are responsible for. So, if that’s a broad-brush approach, so be it. I’m entitled to my opinion, and I see how Jews are destroying the world by their control of every aspect of our existence.”

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