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Kevin MacDonald on Israel-Palestine and more

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Evolutionary Psychology professor Kevin MacDonald has recently posted about thedoxxing and smearing of Harvard students who support Palestine; an alleged Danish bad experience with Palestinian immigrants; and a politically-incorrect piece on the conflict in Occupied Palestine that will annoy people on both sides.

Do Palestine and the USA both have an immigration problem? If so, Palestine’s is obviously orders of magnitude worse. Or so it seems to me. But let’s check with Prof. MacDonald and get his take. Excerpts:

“I don’t want Palestinian immigration into this country either. But I’m mainly concerned about the Jewish issue. We had a white America, you know, when I was growing up, and it was 90% white and, and it could have stayed that way, basically. But Jewish activism is what did it. And Jewish activism also did in the Palestinians. As you were mentioning, they (Jews) started immigrating early in the century, in the last century. And there was a lot of conflict, but then they won the war in 1948. Again, an awful lot of help from Jewish, wealthy individuals and Jewish organizations and arms smuggling and the whole thing. But anyway, that’s where we are.

“I’m not surprised in the least at the fact that American media has been completely on the side of Israel with very few exceptions that I can think of. And what’s most just eerily irritating is that I have some things in common with conservatives—not a lot as it happens. But conservative talking heads in the media, from Sean Hannity and Fox, Newsmax, OAN, they are gung-ho for Israel. On the left you see more criticism of Israel. I don’t watch MSNBC or CNN much. But the point is that it’s wall to wall pro-Israel. And Biden of course is completely in for Israel and now he wants over 100 billion dollars for Israel, Ukraine, and more.

“And you look at the conservative accounts, they never mention the context. You wouldn’t even know that there was an occupation. You wouldn’t know that Gaza is an open-air prison. You wouldn’t know the long history. But they just completely gloss over it. “They attacked Jews!” It’s an “irrational outburst of anti-Semitism” as usual. So it’s completely depressing to see this kind of coverage. I can’t stand it.”

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