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LIVE RADIO! Robert Fantina and Sam Husseini on Western Media’s Incitement to Genocide

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First hour: I have spoken with author, journalist, and human rights activist Robert Fantina often on Press TV—most recently last week.  Today he joins my radio show for the first time. We’ll discuss his new article “Gaza and the Israeli War.” Excerpt:

“Major news outlets are treating this as a ‘terrorist’ act, Israel’s ‘9-11’, and not the response of a people who have suffered greatly under the brutal hand of an occupying nation for decades. They decry Palestinian violence, as they ignore that of Israel. Few, if any, journalists question Israeli bombing of hospitals and schools, or even the bombing of United Nations refugee shelters. They don’t question the brutality of killing rock-throwing teenagers, or the nightly raids of homes in the West Bank, where the houses are ransacked by IDF soldiers, and all the males over the age of 11 taken into custody. No, perhaps because those victims are always Arab and usually Muslim, crimes against them don’t matter.”

Robert Fantina is the author of Propaganda, Lies and False Flags: How the U.S. Justifies Its Wars.

Second hour: Sam Husseini is a legendary gadfly journalist whose approach could be described as “Seymour Hersh meets We Are Change.” He has been thrown out of a Trump-Putin press conference,  suspended from the National Press Club for asking the Saudi ambassador pointed questions, and more recently stonewalled by the State Department for enquiring about COVID origins.

Sam Husseini’s latest article is “‘Will You Urge Israel to Not Starve and Slaughter People?’ — State Department Ignores Series of my Questions.” He notes: “The first 15 minutes of the State Department briefing today were completely surreal propaganda. One would have no idea that Israel had ever hurt a fly.”

Sam Husseini has had bylines at CounterPunch,, The Nation, Salon, Consortium News. FAIR, and elsewhere. He’s founder of

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