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Michael Walsh on Medvedev’s ominous warning

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Michael Walsh, AFP’s Spain-based Europe correspondent, joins me, Kevin Barrett, AFP’s North Africa correspondent, for a little trans-Mediterranean dialogue.

In his recent American Free Press article Michael Walsh notes that Putin’s right-hand man, Dmitry Medvedev,  advocates “the reduction of Kiev to ashes” and says the defeat of the West is “inevitable.” The reason should have been obvious to Western policy-makers from the get-go: “For Western countries, it is a distant conflict but for Russia, it is a war of self-preservation…” Or to use the hackneyed and somewhat un-Muslim metaphor on involvement vs. commitment: In a ham-and-eggs breakfast, the chicken is involved but the pig is committed. Russia is fully committed to winning; as the biggest nuclear power on Earth it would use all of its weapons and reduce the Earth to cinders before it would allow itself to be defeated in a conflict it sees as existential. That is, after all, what nuclear weapons are for. So the notion that Ukraine can win, i.e. Russia can lose, is a lunatic fantasy that only cokehead fools like Zelensky could ever even pretend to believe.

Michael Walsh joined Colin Jordan’s British Movement; became leader 1965 and made the movement, renamed British National Socialist Movement, the most formidable party of its kind since the war. The last leader of the far right to address thousands at London’s Trafalgar Square, he also addressed crowds at The Embankment and Brick Lane from where Oswald Mosley addressed the British Union of Fascists. (BUF). Newspaper Phoenix / Fact Finder. Described by a national newspaper as Britain’s ‘most dangerous man’ because of his effective political campaigning. He was sentenced to four months imprisonment in 1979 for publishing literature critical of the government’s immigration policies. A journalist and author he published For Those Who Cannot Speak, Death of a City, The Martyrdom of William Joyce, Death of a Viking (Vidkun Quisling), Witness to History, The Thinking Man’s Hitler, Allies or All Lies?’, Behind Enemy Lines and Special Weapons and Techniques.

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