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MSM: An Ongoing Disaster! (K. Barrett Bilali joins False Flag Weekly News)

Full uncensored FFWN posted above by 1 pm Eastern time Saturdays


1) Help FFWN Knock Down Towers of Deception

2) 9/11 Truth Callers Light Up C-Span Switchboard on 22nd Anniversary (starting around 17 minute mark)

Libya Disaster

3) Why did Derna’s dams break when Storm Daniel hit Libya?

Morocco Earthquake

4) Marrakesh Earthquake death toll rises while Morocco refuses aid from numerous nations

5) Morocco Earthquake: France Has Crossed the Threshold of Tolerability

6) Morocco’s Quake Zone Now Fears for Its Livelihood, Too

7) After the Earthquake in Morocco, Tourists Grapple With the Ethics of Travel 

LITS? (Lights in the Sky)

7.5 Morocco – Earthquake Preceded by Mysterious Blue Lights: Result of Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD)?

8) Mysterious flash illuminates Moroccan sky moments before earthquake

9) Some say the sky lit up before Morocco’s earthquake. It’s a real phenomenon. (WaPo)


10) Biden White House strategy for impeachment inquiry: Dismiss. Compartmentalize. Scold. Fundraise.

11) Biden Should NOT Run in 2024 (WaPo joins NYT)

12) Joe Biden is becoming dangerous. Remove him now before it’s too late 

13) DNC is ‘systematically disenfranchising’ voters: RFK Jr.

Kennedies: Dead and Alive

14) J.F.K. Assassination Witness Breaks His Silence and Raises New Questions

15) Yes, Big Media, JFK and RFK Were the Victims of CIA Plots

COVID Conspiracie$

16) CDC recommends updated Covid-19 vaccines for everyone 6 months and older

17) COVID vaccine manufacturers set list price between $120-$130 per dose

18) I’m not going to write about the British mortality data

19) CIA Whistleblower’s Bombshell Claim About COVID Conspiracy

20) State Department staffers were warned against probing COVID origin: report (flashback)


21) Elon Musk and the True History of the ADL

22) #BanTheADL? I’d Rather Debate Them

23) Never Forget to Never Forget (Or Else): Legislating the special relationship (part 3.2 of a series)


24) Federal Judge Again Declares DACA Program Unlawful

25) Landmark Google trial opens with sweeping DOJ accusations of illegal monopolization

Signs of the Times

26) In Latin America, Brazilian killer who eluded U.S. became cult hero

27) California Mandates Pro-Degeneracy Propaganda in Schools

MSM vs. “Conspiracy Theories”

28) FROM FEMINIST TO RIGHT-WING CONSPIRACIST (Atlantic hit piece on Naomi Wolf)

29) The Franklin Cover-up: Elite pedophilia is not a conspiracy theory, it’s standard pathocratic operating procedure

30) China Using AI to Spread Maui Fire Conspiracy Theories -NYT

31) Self-proclaimed UFO expert shows alleged aliens to Mexico’s Congress (WaPo)

4 Thoughts to “MSM: An Ongoing Disaster! (K. Barrett Bilali joins False Flag Weekly News)”

  1. Maisoon

    Bilali YOU are Closed Minded and WRONG. Your relationship with your friend who tried to remove Gaddafi shows this to be so. I am not the only one with suspicions and this is NOT an act of God and so sick of people trying to attribute it to HIM. To dismiss Human culpability and the evil use of these admitted Military weapons is stupid, as well as blind. Once again KB dismisses my suspicions and joins the views of blind sighted Bilali. His views put me off listening to the rest of his input in this debate. I no longer HAVE TIME or patience for people like Bilali. DID GOD unleash the strange Laser Lights seen in Maui, Turkey, Libya and Morocco ?? And yet he talks about what happened in Fukushima. I dont appreciate my name being used and my views dismissed the way Bilali did and to an extent you. We cannot always have 100% proof just as 9/11 cannot be shown 100% to have been done by Israel and its Sayanem within the US Government/Military!!

  2. To be honest, the following comment is just made up of words: for I lack the courage of putting them into practice myself. Be that as it may: if we could just find someone with the balls, to from now-on start identifying himself as a blind, black, lesbian, jewish, third-generation holocaust victim, this circus would find its well-deserved end soon I would think. Maybe one of the Kevins is brave enough to pull such a thing through.

    Keep up the good work, best regards, Robbert (I feel most comfortable identifying as invisible, therefore kindly use my pronouns: who/where when commenting, as to not upset me too much or victimize me)

    1. Didn’t George Santos already get elected to Congress by doing that?

  3. john kane

    Regarding the Lahaina, Maui wildfire story, here is an extensive photographic record of recent similar events in California from Robert Brame. This interview by Peggy Hall is from June. This one from Michelle Melendez, a Hawaii resident, looks at the Lahaina damage as well. The truth is in our faces.

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