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Helen Buyniski on “Never Forget to Never Forget (Or Else)” (subbing for this week’s FFWN)

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The bad news is that there’s no False Flag Weekly News this week. Why not?

1) Previous week’s Fundrazr came up short – please fix! and make next week’s show happen:

2) My computer froze.

The good news is that Helen Buyniski has returned to do an interview on her scintillating new article “Never Forget to Never Forget (or Else).”


Excerpts from Helen’s article:

“One might question the sanity of a group that devotes millions of dollars and countless lifetimes to analyzing every negative sentiment ever expressed about it in a way that categorically denies the validity of those sentiments and their origins, despite being significantly overrepresented in corporate boardrooms, magazines’ ‘richest’ lists, and influential industries like media and medicine.”

“Indeed, so insecure are they about filling most of the major positions despite Jews constituting less than 2% of the greater US population that to even mention this characteristic of the Biden administration has been deemed antisemitic hate speech.”

“We should all be so lucky to be as oppressed as Doug Emhoff…Emhoff has been on a mission to fight a wholly imaginary ‘epidemic of hate- by forcing the IHRA definition of antisemitism down the world’s throat ever since he was tasked with establishing a task force to root out ‘antisemitic’ thoughtcrime last year, and his pet project is all about centering Jewish persecution in the pantheon of oppression made so fashionable during 2020’s intersectionality craze. The campaign’s ‘four pillars’ include ‘raising awareness’ of antisemitism, improving security for the Jewish community (which already receives 94% of Homeland Security grants), reversing the ‘normalization’ of antisemitism (as defined by the Anti-Defamation League, which clutches its well-worn pearls every year at the thought that someone, somewhere believes in hateful tropes like ‘Jews stick together more than other Americans’), and – last and most definitely least – ‘cross-community solidarity,’ an afterthought for 98% of the US population. The deployment of this 60-page slab of pathos while the majority of Americans can’t scrape together $400 for an emergency and private equity vultures are tearing the last shreds off the carcass of homeownership sends an unmistakeable message: Black Lives may Matter, but Jewish Lives Matter Most, and don’t you forget it.”

“The Strategy is framed at once as both ‘essential to our broader fight against all forms of hate’ and the only thing standing between Debra Lipstadt’s Passover seder and Kristallnacht 2.0.”

“The inspiration for this legislative trainwreck (DeSantis’s bill punishing anti-Semitic leafleting with five years in prison) was the Goyim Defense League, a deliberately unappealing crew of stereotypically-‘antisemitic’ activists who had been staging flyer drops across the country for months in the hope of provoking legislation just like this. While the group claimed its aim was informing the public of the corrosive influence of Jewish power, with flyers purporting to show the Jewish role in Covid-19, the financial crisis, and other catastrophes, their decision to target upscale Jewish neighborhoods for the flyer drops while shouting ethnic slurs from their cars ensured this ‘education’ spree would attract massive amounts of negative publicity and police attention while torpedoing the credibility of anyone expressing remotely similar ideas.”


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