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FFWN: Dystopia Rising: Was the Unabomber Right All Along? with John Carter of “Postcards from Barsoom”


1) Help FFWN Nonviolently Ward Off Dystopia

2) Help FFWN Relocate and Become Sustainable

Dead Geniuses

3) Cormac McCarthy Dies at 89

4) Unabomber Ted Kaczynski found dead in prison cell

5) Before he was the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski was a mind-control test subject

Dystopia (Looks Like Ted Was Right)

6) WHO & EU take a giant step toward “vaccine” passports throughout Europe (then everywhere)

7) DHS Sought to Assign ‘Risk Scores’ to Social Media Users, Documents Show

Selective Prosecutions

8) Trump and Aide Walt Nauta ‘Under Arrest’ At Miami Federal Courthouse – Booked, Fingerprinted

9) Tucker Carlson: Trump Is Being Prosecuted because He Opposes War

10) CNN, MSNBC refuse to air ‘potentially dangerous’ Trump speech to supporters

11) “The Unmanly Lynching of Andrew Tate” (K. Barrett Bilali) 

Offensive Lies

12) Western Media Euphemisms for “Failing Ukrainian Offensive”

13) Russia’s improved weaponry and tactics pose challenges to Ukraine’s counteroffensive

14) Most likely outcome of the Ukrainian offensive: minor territorial gains at a horrendous cost update:

15) Ukrainian state-backed ‘kill list’ celebrates Berlusconi’s death

16) Sergey Karaganov: By using its nuclear weapons Russia could save humanity from a global catastrophe

Censored History

17) YouTube removes interview after RFK Jr. claims that the CIA killed his father

18) RFK Jr. Spouts Rabid Zionist Propaganda—He Unconsciously Knows Israel Killed His Father, and Sides with the Killers Out of Fear  AND Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Tops Biden And Trump In New Favorability Poll

19) State of Israel and Lyndon B Johnson Deliberately Murdered 34 American Sailors in 1967, Fabricated Massive Cover-Up Still in Effect After 55 Years

20) Why Everything You Know About World War II Is Wrong

21) ‘Establishment’ asked Facebook to ‘censor’ Covid posts – Zuckerberg 

22) JP Morgan agrees to pay $290m to settle lawsuit brought by Jeffrey Epstein victims – MSM never mentions that Epstein worked for Israel

Dead Witness


24) Witness in Biden Bribery Scheme Found Dead Under Mysterious Circumstances

Canada Burning

25) Canada Burning: Climate change or climate terrorism?

26) Satellite footage raises possibility that arson, not climate change theory, to blame for Quebec fires

27) As the Smoke Clears: One window into a multi-faceted attack on humanity

28) How could they be “forest fires” if the forests weren’t on fire?

Crazy Claims

29) The UFO Whistleblower Is Back With More Crazy Claims


One Thought to “FFWN: Dystopia Rising: Was the Unabomber Right All Along? with John Carter of “Postcards from Barsoom””

  1. Maisoon

    Carlson on Trump arrest
    Well that sure as hell is not true as he well knows that ALL the wars America has and is involved in are Wars For Israel. He was happy to participate in the bombing of Syria under false claims of Chemical weapons that his Jewish Son in law and Daughter lied about to get him to bomb Syria. Wars are OK for Trump so long as they serve Israeli hegemonic goals and American economic interests which are also under Jewish Control. So once again Carlson is barking up the wrong tree about this internal feud between these 2 avowed Zionist scumbags Trump and Biden. Just don’t understand why Americans still hunger for Trump who did not serve them well, betrayed his supporters on Jan 6, assassinated an Iranian General, bombed Syrian citizens, seized and stole Golan Heights and ‘gave’ it to Israel as if it was his to give, and boasted about just how much he had given Israel, more than any other of his predecessors. !!! But Carlson the so called reborn Alternative Truth teller overlooks all this and bemoans Trump’s farcical arrest whilst America turned a blind eye to Biden and the Clintons Criminality, Bribes, murders , extortion and Human trafficking!! ========
    As for RFK and him spewing garbage about Palestinians being to blame for refusing a ‘State’ in 1947/8, first of all who the hell were the Americans British Europeans and UN to decide the fate of Palestine which already existed as a State all be it a conquered and occupied one [British Mandate] Who in their right mind would expect Palestinians to agree to the carving up of their ancestral homeland to make way for a new state for Usurping European Non Semitic Jewish Immigrant Settlers [to whom they gave REFUGE and Sanctuary to during WW2] !!RFK knows nothing about our history and just spews the garbage given to him by the ugly rabid Rabbi Shmuley. his rabbi Friend!! [A Rabbi heavily involved in Sex, writes books on it and whose daughter owns a Sex Shop in Tel Aviv!! I can say so much more but I will say this- how can RFK support Israel and the Jews who were 100% responsible for the murder of his Uncle, his own father and I suspect also the death of his cousin JFK Junior and his wife in that ‘air crash’. Who the hell in his sane mind would avow adulation and support for the Country and Tribe that murdered his family members, and those that killed 34 US Naval personnel on the USS Liberty, and who WERE BEHIND the 9/11 Terrorist attack which had been Israel’s second Coup after JFK’s assassination. And he has the gall now to rabbit Israeli propaganda and DISINFORMATION!! Is it all really worth it to garner the Jewish Vote in his presidential race- ready to sell his soul to them which he will never be able to REDEEM or save. ============
    And why support Andrew Tate who was is a misogynist chauvinist who treated women as shit and who it is alleged was involved in Trafficking women for Sex, along with his brother. So if that is indeed TRUE , based on facts and not on him being falsely framed and jailed,, then frankly we Muslims could do well without this kind of immoral criminal man who hungers for money and happy to sell women to increase his bank balance!! He thus does not deserve or earn the respect or admiration of morally bound righteous people, be they Muslims or not. – Is his ‘conversion to Islam’ also fake as he is known to be an Opportunist so again I say Muslims should not ‘admire him at all. HIs values are disgusting and UNISLAMIC

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