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LIVE RADIO! Jim Fetzer on Lawfare vs. Trump, Mujahid Kamran on “Usurious Money Lenders and Assassinations in History”

Listen live Fridays 8 to 10 Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at

First hour: Philosophy professor Jim Fetzer discusses Trump’s indictment for mishandling national security secrets. Is the case as weak as it looks? Does it rest on a novel legal theory? If Trump were as bad as the never-Trumpers say, couldn’t they nail him for real crimes? Is the real purpose of the indictment to keep Trump out of the White House? And if so, does the National Security State hate Trump because he  opposes endless wars?

Second hour: Physics professor Mujahid Kamran discusses his two new articles “Usurious Money Lenders and Assassinations in History” and “Napoleon and Islam.” He writes: “Some of the most important assassinations in human history were carried out when leaders became a threat for the usurious money lenders and ended, or threatened to end, usury. The international banking families of modern times are the true heirs of the money lenders of ancient times. The real reason these assassinations are concealed in standard historical discourse lies in the fact that all modern historical discourse in controlled by these banking families.”


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