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Thaddeus Kozinski on the “War for Our Souls”

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Is the ongoing social and political turmoil around us actually a reflection of a deeper war—a war for our souls? That’s the contention of tonight’s guest, Catholic philosopher Thaddeus Kozinski. His new essay “We Are in a War for Our Souls: State Sorcery, Pathocracy, and the Traitors among Us” argues that:

“…the empirical evidence over the past three years is overwhelming, self-evident, and irrefutable, at least to those who haven’t yet been fully indoctrinated and soul-washed by the now thoroughly established official religion of . . . well, the best word for it is the religion of the Antichrist. It’s liberalism, yes, but now without its mask of neutrality. Sodomy, Usury, Mass-Murder, Child-Mutilation and Child-Sacrifice—these are not new sins, and all the ancient pagan regimes practiced them, but when were they ever endorsed in the name of Christian love and human dignity? A totalitarian hell on earth was created by Luciferian billionaires, and the mind-control, mass trauma, mass psychosis, mass murder, unprecedented economic destruction, suspension of established legal and customary rights, and global theft by elites of trillions from the middle class was and is still celebrated by many Americans, and most Catholic Bishops, rationalized as responsible and caring policies following ‘the science’ and for ‘safety’—with the occupier of the Chair of Peter commanding all of us to inject ourselves with a deadly bioweapon as an act of love.”

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