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AJ Smuskiewicz on “Why I’m for Kennedy”

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Chicago-based writer AJ Smuskiewicz makes his debut on Truth Jihad Radio. The topic: His excellent new appreciation of RFK Jr. “Why I’m for Kennedy.” He notes that even if we give Trump the benefit of the doubt on good intentions, Kennedy is a far more serious threat to the powers-that-shouldn’t-be:

“Depth of understanding is important to have for a president, because that will provide the backbone he needs to prevent himself from getting rolled by the Deep State bastards. Trump lacks the depth and intellectualism of Kennedy. That’s why I have no confidence that he would be able to stand up to the neocon warmongers regarding Ukraine. After all, when he was president, he sent weapons to Ukraine at the urging of the warmongers around him. Trump’s good instincts were not and are not enough. He got rolled then and he would get rolled again. Kennedy’s depth of understanding would allow him to stand strong, fight back, and prevail against the warmongers.”

But does Kennedy have a chance to upset an unpopular Democratic president, like his father would have had he not been stopped by bullets?

“In all honesty, my gut tells me ‘no.’ There is no way that the thoroughly decadent America of 2023-24 will support an RFK today the way that many Americans supported an RFK in 1968…But I don’t care. I am supporting him anyway. My hope for RFK Jr is allowing me to cling onto some small remnant of hope for a nation that I had totally given up on—and for an environmental cause that I had abandoned.”

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