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Perversity Is Our Strength (False Flag Weekly News with Cat McGuire)

Full uncensored FFWN normally posted above by noon Central time Saturdays.


1) Help FFWN expose MSM perversity

1.5) And Relocate to Become Sustainable

Headline News

2) US debt ceiling bill passes House with broad bipartisan support

3) Turkey re-elects Erdogan as president

4) Why I believe RFK Jr. will be the 2024 Democratic nominee

5) New CDC Director Mandy Cohen under gag order? (or is she just hiding a bad nosejob?)


6) Durham Blasts the FBI, But Ignores the Role of Russiagate Ringleader, John Brennan

7) FBI director speaks with congressional Republicans about Biden document dispute

War on Russia

8) After Bakhmut

9) Lindsey Graham Appears to Say Russians Dying ‘Best Money We’ve Ever Spent’

10) Russia issues arrest warrant for Lindsey Graham over Ukraine comments 

11) Ex-Biden aide flees to Russia over safety concerns

12) State Department Won’t Say If It’s Working to Free US Citizen Detained in Ukraine

Pox Americana

13) BRICS could smash dollar dominance

14) Fiona Hill: Pax Americana is over

War on Antisemitism

15) Biden Launches His War on Antisemitism

16) Muslim Law Student Lynched by Media for “Inciting Anger Against Zionists”

17) Weaponizing Antisemitism: From Victim to Predator

18) Sacklers Can Be Shielded From Opioid Liability, Appeals Court Rules

Jewish State

18.5) Israeli troops shoot 2 year-old Palestinian child in the head

19) Israel government proposes ‘Jewish state’ loyalty oath for diplomats

20) Israel signs transport deal with Morocco as relations deepen

21) PayPal upholds its ban on Palestinians

Peace Breaks Out

22) Peace Breaks Out in the Middle East

23) No progress in Saudi-Israel détente as MBS rejects Netanyahu’s request to meet,-MBS-spoke-twice-on-phone/

Perversity Is Our Strength

24) The Truth About Diversity and the Terrifying Reason the Commie Left Is Pushing It

25) Go Woke, Get Robbed: Anti-White Corporations Are Being Decimated By Retail Theft

26) US Spent $13 Billion Sponsoring Unaccompanied Minor Children At The Border Since 2012

27) Former NYC Hotel Worker Claims Illegal Immigrant Children Are Being Allowed to Drink and do Drugs

Free Bird

28) EU Furious After Elon Musk Pulls Twitter Out of Online Censorship Programme

29) Musk Chastises Twitter Team That Canceled Deal to Host What Is a Woman Documentary

The Sound and the Furry

30) Furry fury: DeSantis’ child protection act alienates an unusual demographic

6 Thoughts to “Perversity Is Our Strength (False Flag Weekly News with Cat McGuire)”

  1. False Flag Weekly News was cut off early. Is there a place I can get the full version?
    DR Wolfe at

    1. The problem must be on your end. It isn’t cut off for me or others.

  2. Peter

    Kevin, please let Cat talk and stop talking over her. She starts to say something interesting and you keep interrupting her. Very annoying when a host talks too much.

    1. h

      On the “communism” thing, she’s wrong, so I’m glad he, politely, I think, interrupted. The very next minute she’s claiming (probably pretty accurately) that Blackrock controls DEI, ESG, everything, etc., etc. She just finished saying oligarchs aren’t in control, “communism” is. It’s absurd. Or is Blackrock more Lenin than oligarchy? Things ARE new; in their own words, it’s called “public private partnerships.” Just screaming that you know better, they’re liars, the terminology is a coverup, it’s simply “communism,” doesn’t make it so. Regardless, love Cat and the show.

  3. Some good pics/flyers to share on the Satanic group promoting every kind of evil in the world can be seen at

    “If you want to know who rules over you, just ask yourself which agents of Satan you’re not allowed to criticize.”

  4. Peter Solinski

    90 percent tax? I think the only reason that worked at all was because there were thousands of people at that time who experienced the brutalities of war and and knew what it meant to kill. I believe the elite were afraid of the consequences of not doing something that appeared to be a sacrifice.

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