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RFK Jr. Challenges Biden! (FFWN with J. Michael Springmann)


1) Help FFWN Report (Occasional) Good News! and relocate and become sustainable

2) Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Announces 2024 Presidential Bid

3) RFK Jr. Tweet Echoes Kevin’s Article

4) Hatchet job on RFK, Jr. is new low for ‘journalism’

5) Support the NIH Reform Act! No more Faucis!

COVID Origins

6) U.S. Officials Reluctant to Criticize Wuhan Lab Research For Fear of Calling Out ‘Actions We Ourselves Are Doing,’ Email Reveals

Addled ADL

7) ADL wants to shut down Substack – Kevin’s is singled out

8) ADL Takes Aim at My Substack

9) ADL credits Witness for Peace (Henry Herskovitz’s group) with 53 of 70 “hostile anti-Zionist actions”


10) Israeli forces raid Al-Aqsa Mosque for second night in a row. Dozens of armed officers fired tear gas and stun grenades as worshippers were performing the Ramadan Taraweeh night prayer

11) Palestinian cities in Israel go on strike over killing of Palestinian doctor

Ghost Story

12) Seymour Hersh: The Nord Stream Ghost Ship: The false details in the CIA’s cover story.

13) Investigators skeptical of yacht’s role in Nord Stream bombing

14) WaPo: Officials at NATO Meetings Know Not to Talk About Nord Stream Bombings

War on Russia

15) War Mongering, CIA-Connected Think-Tank (Atlantic Council) Calls For World War III

16) Journalist, Spy Or Cyber Front Warrior?  The Strange Case of Evan Gershkovich

17) Covering (Up) Antiwar Protest in US Media March 18 DC peace march almost completely blacked out in US corporate media

Petrodollar War

18) Saudi crown prince’s shock power grab is catastrophic for Biden

19) US Dollar in Decline: 18 Countries Agree to Use Indian Rupees Instead of US Dollar for International Trade

War on Iran

20) Iran holds mass funeral for IRGC military advisors martyred in Israeli strike on Syria


Trumped-Up Charges

22) Trump charged with 34 felonies, pleads not guilty

23) Biden Says the Quiet Part Out Loud – All But Admits to Coordinating to “Stop Trump from Taking Power Again”

24) When Big Media Cried “Wag the Dog” on Stormy Daniels and Trump’s Bombing of Syria

25) The Trump Campaign’s Collusion With Israel


26) Beware of the Restrict Act: Patriot Act for the Internet on Steroids

Brave New World

27) Man opposing gender ideology in Canada assaulted by violent trans activists as cops look on

28) Pausing AI Developments Isn’t Enough. We Need to Shut it All Down Pausing AI Developments Isn’t Enough. We Need to Shut it All Down

29) Man Accused of Kidnapping Platypus Is Charged in Australia

2 Thoughts to “RFK Jr. Challenges Biden! (FFWN with J. Michael Springmann)”

  1. Please consider interviewing 40-year anti-Fascist radio host/producer Dave Emory, perhaps via a panel with others interested in (finally) blowing the lid sky high off the Fascist Fourth Reich COVID/mRNA injection global mass murder atrocity..

    Thank you, and best regards.

  2. […] Springmann et moi-même avons ouvert le False Flag Weekly News de cette semaine en faisant la promotion de la campagne présidentielle de RFK Jr. qui vient d’être […]

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