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LIVE RADIO! Anthony Hall on the Permanent Emergency; Ken Meyercord on Multipolarism vs. DC Think Tanks; Henry Herskovitz on Vandals vs. Ann Arbor Protests; Rolf Lindgren and Hanna Bettner on “Devil Stole Votes in Georgia”

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First half hour: Prof. Anthony Hall has a new Substack “Looking Out at the World from Canada.” We discuss his recent pieces on the permanent emergency, his sojourn through the world of advertising, and the war on terror as a war on humanity.

Second half hour: Retired Washington, DC TV host Ken Meyercord points out that “no American carrier has entered the Persian Gulf since 2020. Do we fear Iran’s enhanced military capabilities make any carrier stuck in the confined space of the Gulf a sitting duck?” He also observes that China holds all the cards on the Taiwan issue, and that DC bureaucrats are getting used to the concept of a multipolar world. (Scroll down for Ken’s mini-essay.)

Third half hour: Henry Herskovitz reports from Ann Arbor, where his weekly protests against the Beth Israel synagogue recently drew the attention of the ADL , which is also targeting my Substack. (Scroll down for his full report.)

Final half-hour: Rolf Lindgren and Hanna Bettner discuss their new election denial conspiracy song “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.

Multipolar World’s Inexorable Arrival?

By Ken Meyercord

It’s customary for the United States to have two of its 11 aircraft carriers “in theater” at any one time, usually one in the western Pacific (the Seventh Fleet), the other in the Mediterranean/Middle East region (the Fifth Fleet). For long, one of our “Carrier Strike Groups” would sail into the Persian Gulf every year (sometimes two in one year) to remind those watching from the shoreline who ruled the waves in that part of the world, but no American carrier has entered the Gulf since 2020. Do we fear Iran’s enhanced military capabilities make any carrier stuck in the confined space of the Gulf a sitting duck? If so, is that a sign America’s role as arbiter of affairs in that part of the world is showing its age (as did the recent resumption of diplomatic relations between our usually obedient lapdog, Saudi Arabia, and our long-hated bete noire, Iran, brokered by—of all people—the country we consider the Number One threat to our national security: China!)

Switching to that part of the globe prowled by the Seventh Fleet, the political party of the current president of Taiwan, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) , suffered its biggest defeat in 36 years in Taiwan’s regional elections last November, winning only 5 of 22 mayoral races and  277 local council elections versus the rival Kuomintang (KMT) party’s 367 (a setback not mentioned by The Washington Post’s shrillest resident China-basher, Josh Rogin, in a screed on the visit by Taiwan’s president, Tsai Ing-wen, to this country—nor did he mention that Ms. Tsai was forced to resign as head of the DPP because of the humiliating defeat). In juxtaposition with President Tsai’s visit to the USA, the previous Taiwanese president, the KMT’s Ma Ying-jeou, toured mainland China where, while not coming out formally for reunification, stressed that the people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait are Chinese. (surprisingly, considering the Koumintang are on Taiwan because of being exiled there by the Communists in 1949, the KMT is the Taiwanese party most open to reunification with the motherland). What if Ma is reelected president next January and he actively seeks reunification with China? Will we prove as impotent as an 80-year-old (in other ways) to prevent it? (By the by, our foreign policy gurus are forever speculating on a possible Chinese invasion of Taiwan, a concern I consider silly. If the Chinese want to get tough over Taiwan, they are more likely to impose a naval blockade on the island than engage in a bloody battle against people they would like to convince they represent. If the Chinese did set up a blockade, it would present us with the same conundrum Great Britain faced during our Civil War over whether to challenge the Union blockade of southern ports or not. In the end, the Brits decided not to interfere in our internal affairs, as, hopefully, we would do if faced with a similar choice.)

Last week I attended a panel where a couple of mid-level government officials working in the foreign policy sphere talked of a realization amongst their colleagues that a multipolar world was in the offing. I was pleased to hear this but surprised, as I assume such defeatism is heretical at the top level of the agencies for which they work. As far as I can see, we show no signs of giving up on our striving for—or at least maintaining the current semblance of—a unipolar world with us as the Pole Star, what with our going toe-to-toe with the Russians, continuing efforts to contain China, not closing any of our hundreds of military bases around the world—all midst talk of NATO going global. In their crankiness , are the Deep Staters who determine our foreign policy acting like an old man futilely raging against the dying of the light? If so, the consequence for us Americans—and the world—could be much graver than just a lost election.

A Learning Moment

by Henry Herskovitz

A friendly discussion grew heated last month when a Jewish Marxist friend said some of my comments about Jewish domination of media and banking were “anti-Semitic”. He remarked that “America First” was problematic, but that the rest of my sign, “Not Israel”, was something he could support because “[he’s] never been a Zionist”. It seemed like he was admitting to “anti-Zionism”, but held strongly to protecting the tribe. He authored a middle school reference book, Understanding the Holocaust, a fact that speaks volumes about his tribal allegiance. So our takeaway from this heated argument gave birth to our latest sign, below:

There were two unsuccessful attempts to steal/destroy our signs this Saturday, and both sets of vandals chose the “Gas Chambers? Really?!” sign to go after.

See two women in an Audi stop and get caught in the act here. The other group was two young men, one of which asked me where I worked. Is this how (((they))) operate? Rather than debate the issue, or produce a single wartime photograph of a homicidal gas chamber, these 20-year-olds (they told us their age) went straight for the jugular: silence our voices by eliminating our source of income. Unbelievable? Not really …

Witness for Peace feels even more strongly now that deconstructing the “Holocaust” and challenging its propaganda is key to Palestine Liberation. It remains the sole remnant of the Jewish “faith”, and readers are once again reminded of Paul Eisen’s observations twenty years ago:

“The Holocaust resolves the great dilemma of modern Jewish life – how to be a Jew when you no longer believe in the Jewish God.  Secular Jews have found many gods to replace the one they reject – Marx and Trotsky, atheism, psychoanalysis, multiculturalism, human rights, money and success, and of course, Zionism – there’s lots to choose from but only one that serves as a catch-all for everyone.  And if you don’t believe it, try this – go find the most educated, secular, progressive, enlightened, perceptive, sensitive Jew you know – deny the Holocaust and then stand back.”

Abortion appears to be a Jewish Value

See the photo below, taken in the Jewish area of Pittsburgh (Squirrel Hill) on March 31. Whatever one thinks of abortion, it appears certain that it terminates the human life process. “Reproductive Freedom” is the “right” to choose to terminate this life process, and Jews themselves are claiming it’s a Jewish “value”. We thought only God possessed this right, but since Jews feel their souls are part God, maybe that’s the  claim behind this banner. From we read, “We have learned that Jews are functionally different from non-Jews in that they have a neshomah, a part of God himself”. We could be wrong about claiming that only Jews possess this religious “value” and ask our readers to provide a similar banner proclaiming that reproductive “rights” are a Christian or Muslim value.

Apologies to the Ann Arbor School Board

A few days after our last report hit the stands, Dr. Jeanice Swift, Superintendent of the Ann Arbor School Board did indeed respond to our February 8 request to supply course information on the Holocaust. As readers may remember, the State of Michigan Public Act 170 mandates the teaching of the Holocaust to secondary students in all public schools. True to her word, Dr. Swift connected me to Dr. Jared Aumen, District Chair for Secondary Social Studies, who provided me with much of the requested material. We plan to evaluate the information provided at the Board’s April 12 meeting.



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