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FFWN: Intel Sources I.D. the Perps!

Full uncensored FFWN posted above by noon Central time Saturdays.


0) Help FFWN ID the Perps!

1) BREAKING! Israeli leaders accuse each other over Saudi-Iran rapproachement mediated by China al-monitor  Moon of Alabama  Jerusalem Post Haaretz

COVID Origins

2) Good morning. Both U.S. political parties are now open to the idea that Covid may have come from a lab in China. which is a pre-planned false flag limited hangout

3) No one believed the Covid Wuhan lab leak theory – then the world changed its tune

4) Former CDC director slams gain-of-function research: ‘Probably caused the greatest pandemic’ in history

5) Ranking Dem Derails Covid-Origins Hearing by Smearing Witness as Racist

Propaganda Pipeline

6) Intelligence Suggests Pro-Ukrainian Group Sabotaged Pipelines, U.S. Officials Say

7) Seymour Hersh Laughs off New York Times Article on Nord Stream Culprits

8) Ukraine denies involvement in Nord Stream blasts; Russia calls US report ‘red herring’

9) CIA issued advance Nord Stream warning to allies – WSJ

10) Nord Stream Attack – ‘Officials’ Throw More Chaff To Hide The Real Perpetrators

War on Eurasia

11) NATO chief warns Bakhmut may fall ‘in coming days’


13) India’s oil deals with Russia dent decades-old dollar dominance

14) Rep. Gaetz’ Resolution to Remove Troops From Syria Fails to Pass Through the House, as Majority of BOTH Parties Vote Against it

15) Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD) and the Turkey-Syria Earthquake: An Expert Investigation is Required

Propaganda/Censorship Industrial Complex

16) The Censorship Industrial Complex

Looniest Propaganda Piece of the Week

17) Iran is gearing up to attack Britain and the West

Straussian Wars

18) The coup d’état of the Straussians in Israel

19) Mass protests force Israeli leaders to meet Pentagon chief at airport

20) Joe Biden won’t tell the truth about his Iraq war record — and he hasn’t for years

Official Escort

21) Jan. 6 footage shows Capitol cops escorting QAnon Shaman to Senate floor

22) Tucker Carlson Exposes the January 6 Insurrection Hoax and Is Denounced by Leaders of the Republican Party and, of Course, the Whore Media 


24) America faces a type of extremist violence it does not know how to stop.

24B) Naomi Wolf apologizes to conservatives for believing in “insurrection” and other MSM lies 

History Lessons

25) The Zionist Coup Against Kennedy

26) Murder of Anti-Vietnam War Monk Thomas Merton in 1968 Was a CIA Hit Linked with Assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK, New Book Argues

27) Things to Learn from Daniel Ellsberg

28) Meet the British intelligence-linked firm that warped MH17 news coverage

Biology Lesson

29) Twitter laughs, groans as Jill Biden gives biological male Women of Courage award: ‘Up your game, ladies’

Football Players Flatten Comedian (Dumb Jocks Smarter than the Class Clown?!)

30) Packers’ David Bakhtiari slams Jimmy Kimmel after comedian claims Aaron Rodgers is a ‘tinfoil-hatter’

One Thought to “FFWN: Intel Sources I.D. the Perps!”

  1. Maisoon

    The article you posted about the Earthquake in Turkey/Syria . I wish you had mentioned my name when you brought it up stating that the author appeared to agree with my suspicions that I voiced straight away on your show 3 weeks ago. And Although he could not ‘prove it, it still vindicated my own comments. Secondly I am of the opinion that Israel and Jewry did all they coukld to destroy America from within politically morally and financially , being the enemy from within with the agenda of Israel wanting to replace America as the new Nuclear armed Military Supoer Power. I believe Israel has also used China [and Russia to an exetnt] to acheve this Agenda and getting occupied Arabia under MBS, to dump America and side with Israel’s best allies Communist China and Russia though of course there are ‘political theatrics to the contrary but Israel always works covertly and enjoys its game of divide and rule and Regime Changes., and Political Policies.Arabia under Israeli dictates, will join the BRICS Group as will other ‘Gulf Arab Zionist States. Some allege that Israel was the originator of the One Road One Belt initative as part of its New WOrld Order which it will lead. I am not trusting of either Iran or Arabia who I suspect are covertly colluding with Israel’s agenda despite all the warmongering rhetoric Israel spews against Iran . Quite a few of Israel’s top Military are of Iranian Origins and I find it curious how Iran allows some of its Jews to visit Israel so freely as they go to visit their rlatives who immihrated there. Anyway, hope inshua’allah you have a safe journey back to disintegrating America

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