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FFWN: “Flatten the Truth!” with E. Michael Jones


1) Help FFWN Unflatten the Curve of Truth

1.5) Sign petition to get RFK Jr. to run for president!!! (I cast a write-in vote for him in 2020)

COVID Origins

2) COVID’s origins ‘most likely’ lab leak,  US Energy  Dept. reportedly says

3) Was the Pentagon and CIA Behind the COVID-19 Pandemic?

4) Republicans call for action against China over low-confidence ‘lab leak’ assessment–lab-leak–assessment-

5) USAID Funded EcoHealth Alliance and Wuhan Institute of Virology, Is Withholding Information

6) Crucial Points on Pandemic Origins Debate, Part 2: The Weaponization of “Truth”

7) Long Before Suspicions Arose About A Lab Leak, Government Scientists Were Fiddling With Bugs to Make Them More Deadly

Factual COVID Data

8) 15 Days to Flatten the Truth: Factual covid data slowly leaks out three years too late

9) Woody Harrelson under fire for sharing Covid conspiracy theory on Saturday Night Live

10) Are the mRNA shots affecting birth rates?

11) Medicare data shows the COVID vaccines increase your risk of dying

War on Russia

12) “But That Newspaper Is Dead”

13) Why Is Assange in Jail and Not Seymour Hersh?

14) Russia Turns to China’s Yuan in Effort to Ditch the Dollar

15) Ukraine military so desperate they draft man missing both hands 

German Awakening?

16) Thousands protest in Berlin against giving weapons to Ukraine

17) Over 600,000 Germans sign petition to end heavy weapons delivery to Ukraine as 10,000 demonstrate in Berlin for peace

War on Syria

18) US army resumes theft of Syrian oil weeks after deadly quake

Zionist Entity

19) Nablus mourns following Israeli invasion that tore city and lives apart

20) U.S.-based human rights group loses fundraising platform over association with Palestinian NGO

Gender Blender

21) Clueless Twitter tries to convince Arabic speakers that gender is a mere preference

22) London schools try to turn Muslim kids bisexual

23) Isle of Man Suspends Sex Education Classes After Drag Queen Tells 11 Year-Olds There Are 73 Genders


24) J6 BOMBSHELL: DOJ VIDEO Shows Capitol Police Holding Open “Upper West Terrace Doors” On Jan 6… Over 250 Individuals Allowed to Walk Into Capitol by Police Then Later Arrested and Abused

Radicals & Gonzos

25) James Abourezk: Radical Senator

26) Did Legendary “Gonzo” Journalist Hunter Thompson Frighten Those in the Deep State So Much, He Had to Be Taken Out?

Who’s Racist?

27) Elon Musk calls U.S. media and schools ‘racist against whites & Asians’

Papering Over Problems

28) Aviation suffers from (vaxxed) pilot shortage but paper airplanes flying better than ever

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  1. Mo

    I have to agree with EMJ on HST. HST was a bit of a histrionic to say the least, ending himself because he couldn’t live up to his legend while also giving some last minute fuel is on brand.

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