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2 Thoughts to “FFWN Returns this Saturday Feb. 11 with E. Michael Jones”

  1. Cyrus The Great

    Hi Dr. Barrettt,

    Happy to hear that you made the journey to the beautiful Iran, despite all the repercussions and the usual retribution made by the US government against those who dare to visit. While there if you could find it possible to spend sometime to try to enjoy some authentic foods along the Chaloos Road or take a half day off hiking thru the magnificent Tochal Health Road. I do admire your sense of adventure and Ive been a long time fan of your humorous articles on VT, and your articulate interviews on Press tv and elsewhere. Khooda Beh Hamrat.

    1. Thank you, Khooda! I’m having a wonderful time here but unfortunately have to leave after only four days to attend a memorial for David Ray Griffin back in the states. I do hope to take the Chaloos Road or the Tochal Health Road some day insha’allah.

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