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LIVE RADIO! John Carter (Postcards from Barsoom) on Gender Wars; J. Michael Springmann on What He Saw in Iran

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First hour: John Carter of the Posters From Barsoom Substack discusses his pieces on tonic masculinity, weightlifting, and today’s “The Devouring Mother of the Digital Longhouse.” He cites studies showing that today’s teens “aren’t having sex, they aren’t drinking alcohol, they’re gayer than ever, they’re more depressed than ever, and the girls are making suicide plans at an unprecedented rate.”

Eschewing booze and getting married before having sex sounds reasonable to those of us with traditional values. But the rest isn’t so good. Is it because kids are growing up in a digital longhouse panopticon under the all-seeing gaze of the devouring mother? Or has the West just gone crazy?

Second hour: Iranians, like folks from most other countries, are far more traditional than Westerners in their social mores and family values. That apparently doesn’t sit well with the Commissars of Correctness, the Mandatory Vice Squad, the Doyens of Digital Degeneracy, and other US-taxpayer-funded advocates of decadence and depravity.

J. Michael Springmann, author of Visas for Al-Qaeda, recently returned from Iran. Today he published “Modern Iran: A Study in Contrasts: Part 1: Women.” Compare his perspective with those of Setareh Sadeqi and Christopher Weaver…and then marvel at the absurdity of the MSM’s anti-Iran propaganda.




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