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LIVE RADIO! E. Michael Jones and Scott Bennett on Our Conversation with Dr. Ahmadinejad (and Elections, Monarchy, and More)

Listen live Fridays 8 to 10 Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at

First hour: E. Michael Jones of Culture Wars discusses his new article “Requiem for a Figurehead” as well as the midterms and the “Towards Tomorrow” seminar with Dr. Ahmadinejad.

Second hour: Former US Army psyops officer and whistleblower Scott Bennett discusses the elections and the “Towards Tomorrow” seminar.

Towards Tomorrow- Roundtable 01- 4th of August 2022

The analysis of the current situation in today’s world shows the inefficiency of existing structures and even ideas in responding to basic human needs and also in achieving common human ideals such as peace, justice and freedom. 

Recent trends in the field of collective awareness of the nations of the world and emerging technologies, indicate the emergence of unique possibilities and opportunities to create a new world.

Therefore, it is necessary for the intellectual, political and social elites to recognize and fulfill the needs of the new atmosphere before the power seekers, to present benevolent and creative plans for human life in the first step, and in the second step to try to guide the collective movement of human beings towards these benevolent strategies.

“Towards Tomorrow”, our movement is based on this  point of view. We intend to have occasional events regarding this. And we also have a site to manage our communications and publish related stuff in. is our site. Come to see it. 

At our first event on 4th of August 2022 we had a roundtable discussing suggested revisions by Dr Mahmood Ahmadinejad in fundamental concepts that we have considered aiming such attitude TOWARD TOMORROW.

Common Reason, Covid 19 issues, science as a weapon for hegmones or for humanity,  population disaster mental or economic, poetic beauty of femininity, Social Darwinism and population control, Humanism & worshipping God, etc.  are the topics this roundtable has discussed.  

In this talk Kevin Barrett raised an argument about if we need a Human-centered new world order or a God centered one. He quoted:

In this manifesto, Dr Ahmadinejad has proposed ‘a human centered new world order’. Yeah. Since those of us living in a world whose real religion is secular humanism may wonder whether what we need would be a God centered world order and so I would like to hear a clarification about the difference between Dr Ahmadinejad’s proposed ‘human centered world order’ and ‘the secular, humanist, materialist world order’ of today.’

Dr Ahmadinejad answered that human and God should not be defined in opposition to each other and actually, human is the manifestation of God, and is not separate from The Creator. In fact, God manifests himself in the human. Basically, human is here to introduce God. He quoted:

No doubt the main element and subject of this world is the human, and humans have got a shared divine nature.  Human’s nature is truth, justice- and freedom-seeking. It pursues dignity, and evades oppression, discrimination and imposition. In my opinion, the point where Satan deceives is where he defines human versus God. Actually, human is the manifestation of God, and is not separate from The Creator. In fact, God manifests himself in the human. Basically, human is here to introduce God. The problem lies in their saying that human is against God. However, if human introduces God, then the greater this human becomes, the better. The more powerful he becomes, the better. The more knowledgeable and creative, the wiser, more thoughtful and intellectual, all the better. We are also pursuing to see the humans become greater, but don’t say that human is against God. We believe that the divine nature of human is the manifestation of God in a human. In fact, human is not versus God. If we resolve this issue, other issues can be resolved. Unfortunately, in a part of the world, for centuries, they introduced God as against the human. That was a God who wants to take revenge from mankind. The renaissance in Europe created an opportunity in which the true status of mankind was introduced and his proper relationship with God was defined, but Satan intervened then. This time, a human was defined who was against God. But human is the extension of God and is god’s vicegerent on the earth. God has willed that humans be great. God has wanted human to will. God has wanted that humans be the most knowledgeable and that they discover the entire universe. God has willed the best for mankind. But unfortunately, they deviated humanism from the right path. Humanism is the importance of mankind. i.e., human is important and valuable, and also important. That human is the manifestation of God so he is valuable. It is meaningless to define human as opposing to God. God is the absolute infinity. Human wants to go toward infinity. God is the creator and we are creatures. Once again I emphasize that whenever human is introduced against God, or God is introduced as the adversary of human, that is the point of deviation that Satan has made, wherever on the earth it may be. Human is meaningless without God, and God will not be recognized and understood without human.’

You can watch and read the full roundtable here. 


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