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FFWN: Midterms: Brain Damaged, Dead, & Zionist-Owned Candidates Triumph

Full uncensored video posted above by noon Central time Saturdays


1) Don’t Let Them “Steal It”—Support FFWN!

Another Stolen Election?

2) Paul Craig Roberts: Another Stolen Election

3) Why the Red Wave Didn’t Materialize

4) CIA Democrats—Abigail Spanberger and Elissa Slotkin—Gain Reelection to Congress, While Anti-CIA Candidate Geoff Young Loses

5) Cognitively Impaired Fetterman, Improbable PA Victor, Is a Groveling Slave of Israel

6) In Latest Gaffe, Joe Biden Says Russia Pulling Out Of “Fallujah”

7) Nation Unsure Whether To Support Party That Runs Brain-Damaged Candidates Or Party That Loses To Brain-Damaged Candidates

8) Pennsylvania state representative reelected despite being dead

9) Whites voted Republican almost 60-40

10) Trump bashes DeSantis in lengthy statement for ‘playing games’ with 2024 buzz

11) Brain-Dead Democrats and Republicans Agree That America Is Always Right: Washington can no longer afford its self-defeating “with us or against us” attitude.

12) Why I’m Voting Republican for the First Time Ever

13) Was Covid Origins a Hidden Winning Campaign Issue?


14) Big Tech Braces for GOP Investigations Over Censorship

15) U.S. Releases 9/11 Commission Interview With George W. Bush, Dick Cheney

Dershowitz: The New Leo Frank? 

16) Epstein Victim Says She May Have ‘Made a Mistake’ in Accusing Dershowitz

17) Leo Frank’s ghost still haunts American Jews This is not only about antisemitism. This is about political violence. This is a story for today.

18) American Pravda: The ADL in American Society From the Leo Frank Case to the Present Day

Kyrie and Kanye: Today’s Newt Lee and James Conley?

19) Jason Whitlock Calls Out Media For Treating Kyrie Irving Like ‘Kunta Kinte’

20) Kanye Touched The “Third Rail”—Now He Must Be Destroyed

“Envisioning” Nuclear Holocaust

21) U.S. Review Envisions Using Nuclear Weapons Against Non-Nuclear Attacks

More National Security Threats

22) Biden asked whether Elon Musk is ‘threat’ to national security, says relationships ‘worth being looked at’

23) Glenn Greenwald: Please watch this detailed explanation from former CIA analyst Frank Snepp on how CIA controls media

War on Russia

24) Two Views on Kherson: Bernard vs. Larry

25) Sun Tzu Walks Into a Kherson Bar… (Peace Agreement, Dnieper the Border?)

26) Russia to Outlaw Homosexual Propaganda

Axis of Resistance

27) Senior IRGC cmdr.: Iran develops hypersonic ballistic missile capable of penetrating advanced air defense shields—Iran-develops-hypersonic-ballistic-missile-capable-of-penetration-thru-defense-shields-

28) Hamas-Assad reconciliation (look out, Zios!)

29) Dr Tim Anderson on His Intellectual Freedom Court Victory and “Slow Genocide” in Palestine

Long March

30) Imran Khan’s Supporters Resume ‘Long March’ to Islamabad a Week After Failed Assassination Attempt

Cheesy Chicken

31) KFC Apologizes For Using Kristallnacht To Promote Cheesy Chicken In Germany

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