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Helen Buyniski on “Persian Girls Gone Wild…in the Service of Western Imperialism”

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Helen Buyniski a.k.a. “Helen of Destroy” (catch her occasionally on False Flag Weekly News) discusses her article “Another day, another color revolution in Iran:

“The architects of US foreign policy have officially run out of ideas in their quest to overthrow the Iranian government. Rather than holding off on another regime change attempt until they can cobble together a new plan of action, however, they’ve decided to insult the intelligence of the Iranian people by reheating 2009’s leftovers and trying to pass them off as a genuine revolution. Fool me once – 1953’s CIA-sponsored overthrow of democratically-elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh – shame on you. Fool me twice – 2009’s failed “Green Revolution” intended to unseat President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, backed by the US State Department – shame on me (and a hint: don’t call it a ‘revolution’ until it succeeds or you might end up with geostrategic egg on your face). Fool me three times – you must think I’m a damn fool, or that Iranians are damn fools. . .”


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