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FFWN: Monstrous Provocations (with Helen Buyniski)

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1) Resist Idiocy, Support FFWN!

This Week in False Flag History

2) OKC Bombing: Practice Run for 9/11 False Flag?

3) Ukraine plans ‘monstrous’ provocation this Sunday – Moscow 

4) Kramatorsk Train Station Attack: Forensic Analysis by Scott Ritter 

How the “Free World” Treats Journalists

5) UK Court Issues Order to Extradite Assange

UkroNazi Atrocities

6) “One less traitor”: Zelensky oversees campaign of assassination, kidnapping and torture of political opposition

7) Gonzalo Lira Reported Missing in Ukraine 

8) Gonzalo Lira: Murdered by The Daily Beast?

9) Scott Ritter announces Gonzalo lira dead on telegram.

10) Tulsi Gabbard Sends Cease and Desist Letters to Senator Romney and Keith Olbermann

War on Russia

11) War in Ukraine Could Be the Mother of All Energy Wars: But the Media Still Misses the Context

12) Russia Tests Sarmat ICBM to Counter US First Strike Threats—A-Milestone-in-Russias-Military-Development-20220420-0014.html

Big Tech = CIA Oligarchs

13) Google Removes Blurring for Russian Military Sites, Then Lies and Denies

14) Former Intelligence Officials, Citing Russia, Say Big Tech Monopoly Power is Vital to National Security 

15) Glen Greenwald wonders why the Intercept is failing

Axis of $$$

16) Putin signs decree to remove Russian stocks from overseas exchanges in huge blow to the nation’s billionaires

17) FBI says North Korean hackers stole more than $600 million in cryptocurrency in single hack

ZioNazi Atrocities


Khan Coup

19) Massive crowd attends rally in Karachi to protest Imran Khan’s ouster

20) Ousted Pakistani Leader Was Challenging Investment Treaties That Give Corporations Excessive Power

Mask Addicts

21) Liberal New York Times reporter frets over abrupt end of travel mask mandate

22) WaPo says “keep on masking!” 


23) The Vaccine Injury Compensation System for COVID has Failed


24) Don’t blame stimulus checks for inflation, says Andrew Yang, who still supports sending free cash to most Americans

Fall of Western Civilization

25) Sweden links riots to criminal gangs that target police

26) Will Psychopaths Control the Future? Klaus Schwab, Yuval Noah Harari, and the World Economic Forum

Eastern Civilization at Least Has a Sense of Humor

27) COVID-themed candles on sale in Greece for Orthodox Easter

2 Thoughts to “FFWN: Monstrous Provocations (with Helen Buyniski)”

  1. Kevin…trying to support you still…your email addys seem not to work…blocking me AYE?

    One possible miss on your FFWN show w Helen?

    Helen and you may have not connected two issues that may be at work in ramping up yet ANOTHER foreign war…food for thought…

    Its clear that the USofA’s “Military-Intel-Media-Congressional Complex” has fundamentally run out of new enemies across the world to invade. So, what to do?

    Perhaps lower the “war threshold” in people’s emotions which sometimes serve to resist another war…like against Rusia [read the USSR]. Here is my POV regarding how the lowering of resistance may have been manufactured:

    1. How about electing a president who provides APPROVALS towards conflict resolution by anger-force-violence about ANYTHING that a person disagrees with…enter Trump!

    2. How about developing a virus that affects a person’s patience and lowers their social resistance to “striking out” and “solving disagreements” with violence towards the other person?

    I have heard that the COVID virus…or perhaps derivatives…actually DO affect peoples’ brains as noted above…TRUE…not sure?

    And clearly The Mighty Wurlitzer has been 24-7-365 at demonizing Russia-Putin when we know that we are not getting the truth from that very “oligarch media”.

    My conclusion:

    In order to get the citizens of the USofA to agree to go back to war with Russia [USSR] after they/we were glad that the Cold War ended, then Trump fills the bill by approving of such violent resolution tactics.

    And add onto that a virus that basically shortens one’s patience, if not making people solve conflicts FIRST by attacking “the other”?

    Eliminating ALL the…”mask-jab-death by injection”…issues, I do think that you agree that there IS a COVID and/or derivative viruses out there…and perhaps more lethal than the flu.

    But Cat asserts that there is not such a virus…which means that she gives a free pass and absolves the Pentagon’s Biowarfare “gain of function” programs…and their sharing with Wuhan some elements of the “soon-to-be” Bat-virus [bat-shit] story. And when you add that Cat just used your platform to stir up racial divides with old unproven memes, I can’t see how even a legit infiltrator could possibly do more to undermine your work!

    THANKFULLY…Its GREAT to have Helen back…she and EMJ raise the bar on your shows immensely.

    Fetzer never…Springman in an emergency…Helen and EMJ as often as possible…keep on movin forward…


    Robin Hordon
    Kingston, WA

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