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LIVE RADIO! Tom Luongo and Charlotte Dennett on Why Ukraine Is the Mother of All Energy Wars

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First hour: Tom Luongo of Gold Goats n’ Guns opens his new article: “This day has been a long time coming. From the moment, more than a decade ago, when it was finally admitted that Europe was destined to be an energy importer, we were going to see the climax of the showdown between the West and Russia.

“Europe as energy importer always meant that time was on Russia’s side. All it had to do was draw the conflict out long enough, survive long enough, to force Europe into submission. Russia has the energy Europe needs, no one else can supply it, therefore the final decision will be to accept this fate.”

Tom says Russian energy and gold will ultimately defeat the Western banksters’ fiat debt currency.

Second hour: Charlotte Dennett, author of Follow the Pipelines, explains “Why Ukraine Could Be the Mother of All Energy Wars.”

Unsophisticated people think wars are about good guys vs. bad guys. Slightly savvier folks think wars are primarily driven by ideological and religious disputes. Charlotte Dennett begs to differ. She says that if you scratch beneath the surface of a modern war, you’re likely to discover that it’s really mostly about gas and oil. Indeed, all of the recent Middle East wars, as well as the current Ukraine wars, are about oil and gas in general, and pipeline politics in particular.

Charlotte Dennett’s father, Daniel Dennett, America’s leading Middle Eastern master spy, was pushing a pipeline project that would have benefitted the US relative to other players when he was killed in a “mysterious” plane crash in 1947. Charlotte’s quest to solve the mystery of her father’s death led her to discover the often-hidden key role that competition for hydrocarbons plays in modern geopolitics and warfare.

Charlotte Dennett is the author of Follow the Pipelines: Uncovering the Mystery of a Lost Spy and the Deadly Politics of the Great Game for Oil.

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