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FFWN: “Forget Our COVID Scam—Just Hate Russia!” -MSM

Broadcasts live 11 to noon Eastern Saturdays — watch the full uncensored version above.  We are NOT broadcasting on my YouTube channel  this week due to censorship.

Co-host: Cat McGuire


1) Support & Watch FFWN, Earn a Black Belt in Self-Defense Against Propaganda

Breaking News

1.1) Supreme Court reimposes death sentence for innocent Boston bombing patsy

1.15) Putin is NOT crazy and the Russian invasion is NOT failing, neocon admits

1.2) Kremlin reacts to US senator’s call to assassinate Putin

Neocon War on Russia

2) Best Source for Updates on War in Ukraine: Veterans Today

3) Zelensky’s ‘Army’ of Convicts Terrorizing Kiev 

4) Russia declares war on the Straussian 9/11 perps (Thierry Meyssan)

5) US/NATO is in the Grip of a Daemonic Death-Wish & the Entire World is Threatened

6) Putin the Formidable

7) AOC and Bernie Sanders’ ‘Democratic Socialists’ group blames the US for Russian invasion of Ukraine and demands NATO is scrapped: ‘US must end the imperialist expansionism that set the stage for this conflict’ 

1.4 Billion Chinese Can’t Be Wrong

8) Chinese embassy points to ‘real threat to the world’ 

9) Why the Chinese Internet Is Cheering Russia’s Invasion

Zelensky: Modern Macabee, Porn Drag Queen, or Both?

10) For many Jews, Volodymyr Zelensky is a ‘modern Maccabee’ as he fights Ukraine’s war 

11) Ukraine President Zelensky in Gay Erotica Videos: no Wonder Celebrities support Ukraine

Meanwhile in Yemen

12) As US Renews Support for Saudi War in Yeman, Civilan Death Toll Nearly Doubles

13) Almost 400,000 Civilians Murdered by US/Saudis in Yemen—But Nobody Cares Because They Aren’t White


14) People’s Convoy rolls through central Indiana

15) More evidence Covid was tinkered with in a lab? Now scientists find virus contains tiny chunk of DNA that matches sequence patented by Moderna THREE YEARS before pandemic began

16) SNL – The Narratives They Are a-Changin’  

WHO Let the (COVID) Dogs Out!

17) WHO “Pandemic Treaty” to Consolidate more Power

18) Dr Peter Breggin: Globalist Elites Have Launched Their Plan to Make Tedros and the World Health Organization All-Powerful

(Medical) Misinformation

19) Pfizer side effects data

20) “Empire of Lies”: NYT Hit Piece Smears RFK Jr. (and Lies About JFK and RFK Assassinations)

21) The New York Times’ Disgraceful and Deceitful Attack on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

22) NY Times Ran Another Hit Piece on RFK, Jr. It’s Time to Hit Back. 

23) What’s Worse, Covid or Nuclear War? (Kevin in American Free Press) 

Chact Fookers

24) Linh Dinh’s latest piece, fact-checked and corrected

War on Freedom

25) Proposed Canadian Law Would Ban Suspected Intent to Commit ‘Hate Speech’ Online

26) “There Are People Like Myself Who Were Charged with Nonviolent Misdemeanor Charges Our Lives Are Being Torn Apart” – WalkAway’s Brandon Straka

27) Alabama restricts man from having ‘Let’s go Brandon’ licence plate  

Zionist Entity

28) Israeli ambassador to Moscow summoned to explain Tel Aviv’s position on Ukraine conflict Feb 26 

29) Israel’s Holocaust museum is so dependent on a Russian oligarch that it wants to protect him from sanctions

World of Woke

30) U.S. Army pushing mandatory gender pronoun training

Sanction THIS! 

31) Vladimir Putin’s Black Belt Revoked by International Taekwondo Organization—Putin Expected to Whimper and Beg for Mercy

32) Russian cats slapped with sanctions

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