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Ron Unz on “American Pravda: Remembering the Liberty”

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Ron Unz is America’s most accomplished figure in alternative journalism. If you doubt that, read his American Pravda series, look at his webzine, and let me know if you find anything comparable. Ron’s latest American Pravda entry, “Remembering the Liberty,” admirably summarizes the best available information on Israel’s June 8, 1967 attack on the unarmed spy ship USS Liberty. Ron apparently agrees with me that the single most important book on the incident is Peter Hounam’s Operation Cyanide, which offers strong evidence that then-US-president Lyndon Johnson conspired with Israeli leaders to stage a false flag attack on the Liberty, blamed on Egypt, aimed at triggering a US nuclear attack on Russian military installations in Cairo. According to witnesses cited by Hounam, American bombers loaded with nuclear weapons were less than ten minutes from hitting their targets when they were recalled. The miraculous survival of the USS Liberty, in the face of an all-out Israeli onslaught tasked with massacring the entire crew and sinking the ship, may have prevented World War III. The Liberty crew’s incredible, successful efforts to save their ship (and, it turned out, the world) may represent the greatest heroic military episode in all of American history. So why isn’t this a leading topic in our history textbooks? Why aren’t the Liberty crew national heroes? Why hasn’t Hollywood churned out dozens of blockbusters? Why is the media still lying and obfuscating? Warning: If you explore those questions, people may call you names!

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